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  1. Edward.T

    MV Generator parts name Suggestion

    I read the topic: MV Generator parts update  from Veteran, and I get the same problem,but I did not lose anything fortunatly.  I tested the "Clothing" parts and found something.  e.g: The official parts for Clothes[Generator\Variation\Male] is :icon_Clothing_p23.png If I named my...
  2. Edward.T

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    Terms of use: 1.Free to use in your Non-Commercial games. 2.You must own a license with RMMV as these are edits of Kadokawa's RTP for the MV. 3.Any linked resources, of course, fall under the creator's terms. 4.Please Link back to this post, no sharing downloads through...
  3. Edward.T

    the Generator[Change the color of Eyebrows will change color of Rear Hair too ]

    I'm try to make a hat for my character, I put it as Rear Hair, and when I change the color of Eyebrows , the color of Rear Hair was changed as well. So what's going on>? I hope this two could be separated by different color...Could this be possible?
  4. Edward.T

    Edward's Ancient China Sprites

    Welcome to my workshop! Credit:Edward.T Terms of Service: Free for use in non-commercial or commercial VX/VXAce projects with credit. Edits:Allowed after comfirmation with Edward.T(This is just for little people who used and changed my resource in their commercial game without credit)...
  5. Edward.T

    Could I sale my the pictures followed as a DLC ? and how?

    I have been build some Characters for Rpg maker which like the pictures posted above. Could I sale them as a DLC? AND HOW? Thanks a lot!

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