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    Let's say you had a TV for a head...

    I'm going to be working on a adventure/puzzle project for a game jam that has the main character's head turn into a TV set. However, this actually turns out to be useful, in that it gives you abilities such as: Being able to play VHS tapes that let you access (mini) levels (i.e. a recording of...
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    RMMV IM.mortal (Puzzle/Platformer/Horror)

    A personal project I've been fiddling around with. I'm (once again) at the "Which project I should do?" phase of production and wanted to know if this would interest anyone. I'm also curious to see if people think it would work in MV (might use an ABS system), or if some ideas don't quite work...
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    Swan Song

    Genre: Adventure/Action Flavor: Fantasy The images pictured are merely conceptual to properly show the idea. Art is subject to change!      
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    162's Faux 3D Walls (and Wall Accessories)

    Are you tired of your maps looking a little on the flat side? Inspired by Celianna's amazing tiles in the Adventure pack, here's a rework of the wall tiles to make it seem a little more 3Dish. I'm going to focus on indoor walls and wall stuff, but might branch out to outdoor stuff. (I"m usually...
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    Can't decide on one of two plots for game jam!

    I'm planning on entering this adventure game jam and have two ideas for a game, but I can't decide which one to go with! That's where you folks come in! If you'd like, please vote here and help me decide which idea sounds cooler! (I will end the poll on Monday.) Obviously there's plot...
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    Telescope Item

    I'm planning on making a telescope item that allows the player to see 1-20 squares ahead of them (controlled via arrow keys/WASD/so on) and attempted to achieve this via common events and Yanfly's Common Events Button script. However, as you can assume by seeing the name of this subforum, it...
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    Mr. Giallo

    A sort of mini-prequel to a series idea I've been tinkering around with, but haven't done much with. I just figured it was time I finally finished another game. PLOT DESCRIPTION When former-district attorney Vincent Giallo suddenly appeared on Police Captain Hadley’s doorstep, the captain...
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    Would this level-up mechanic work?

    I had an idea for leveling up without having to grind, but wanted to make sure it was feasible before I really got started on it. The game uses an action battle system (Zelda, Secret of Mana, that kinda stuff), as well as incorporates things like projectile weapons and action gauges. My goal...
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    Demo dilemma- transferring data between a demo and game build

    This problem is down the road, but I thought I should address it now... Like with most games, I plan on releasing a demo. I plan on it going like this: Intro Mini-tutorial dungeon Player gets main gist of plot and starts adventure Player can run around the huge main hub of a city; the main...
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    What weapon would you give this character?

    This is a question that I've been pondering for a very long time. One that I should figure out pretty soon... What weapon should my main character use? Perhaps I should explain. The game is an Action Battle game (think Zelda) where you play as a princess who wants to learn to defend herself...
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    Elemental Temples- UPDATED 12/31 (Time Temple)

    I recently bought the Essentials DLC and found that it contained two pre-made temples based on elements (forest and ice to be specific). Having always used stuff from this forum and never contributing to it myself, I decided to make some pre-made elemental temples myself using the other...
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    Perhaps One of the Silliest Questions Ever

    For my upcoming game, I'm planning on including a PDF game manual with the download package. Of late, I've been having a strange debate. In the game, you find items Zelda style; in dungeons, each having their own special function. I noticed that in games like Shovel Knight, the manual tells you...
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    What if...You Aren't Allowed to Kill ANY Enemy?

    Idea I've been kicking around. Let's say you have this character- a girl. Let's call her "Dahlia Grayhill." Dahlia is possessed by a demon of wrath and has access to very gruesome attacks/weapons. However, if she kills ANYTHING, the demon will fully consume her soul and take over her. The main...
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    Movie For Title Screen

    Is it possible to use a movie file for a title screen instead of a static picture? I looked all over the forums, but couldn't find any post talking about it? Perhaps it's part of the "Wait for a plugin to be made" game?
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    Marina~ Horror with Pop Music, Paranoia, and Pink

    Adventure/Tactical with a horror flavor. My first commercial project ever (eep). In addition for testing the waters for people who might want to sign onto the project, I wanted to see people's reaction to this idea and see if it's worth madly devoting time to. Marina Marx is the biggest pop...
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    How would you do this: diary pages

    Kinda a stupid question... A project I'm working on utilizes diaries you find around a mansion. I wanted to allow more interactivity by allowing the player to flip through the pages with arrow keys, letting them backtrack to a given page without having to go to the end without reopening it...
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    RPGM Maker XP and VX Ace graphics

    I'm sorry, I want to be absolutely sure before the contest, so I have to ask. I own both RPGM XP and VX Ace. I heard somewhere that since that's the case, I can at least use VX Ace's graphics in IG Maker. Is this true? And also, can I do the same with XP graphics?

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