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  1. RancidPast

    RMMV Just Loading The Save Menu

    Hey! ^^ I was wondering if it's possible to bypass the 'New Game, Continue, Options' menu and just be able to show the save menu by itself? When I try to use the SceneManager.push(Scene_Menu); script function in RPG Maker it just boots up the menu I do not want, rather then just the save menu...

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finished the second chapter of deltarune today, I gotta say that the 3 years wait was worth it lol
Happy Friday, y'all! I just got home from work and am sitting down with a nice cider, and I'm ready to chill and enjoy myself. Not sure if I'm gonna dive into any of my game-related projects or not tonight.... we'll see how I feel after unwinding for a bit I guess!
Just found out that mint tea made from chocolate mint tastes a bit like hot cocoa with candy cane stirred in. As I'm allergic to chocolate this makes me very happy.
It's special day for me tomorrow so time to vanish for 24 hours lol.

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