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  1. Gustavo_Br

    RMMV ANGON - The Grim Age

    In Angon - The Grim Age, role-playing faces a medieval apocalyptic story about survival and politics. Enter into the journey that leads the world to chaos and misery, exploring unique places on the wasted land of Eradon. Take decisions that can shape the destiny of the people, battle on...
  2. Gustavo_Br

    QPlus Cannot Read

    Hello there, I'm trying to apply QSprite on my project and I've download all the plugins that is needed. Also, I've already used this on previous RMMV version (I still have this project working), but, when I try to apply on my new project this error appears: Notes: -I've updated all...
  3. Gustavo_Br

    Remove Skill Animation

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to remove the animation from my custom skill, but I've already tried a lot of things that doesnt worked, can someone help me? Thanks! Here's the skill
  4. Gustavo_Br

    TypeError: undefined is not a function.

    Every time I start a battle this error shows up. I've seen that some of the action plugins needs to be updated, but even if I disable then the error continues. Can anyone help?
  5. Gustavo_Br

    (Help!) RMMV Interactive world map.

    My intention is make a Image map and use in game, which the player will not be able to move freely. Basically, the player can travel around the world map by fast travels, and stop in the cities (which will have a normal map). LIKE THIS (Mount&Blade Warband Screnshot) or this: But I have...
  6. Gustavo_Br

    Help with Parallax Map

    Hey guys, whats up? So, I'm having some problems with parallax mapping and hope someone could help me. First, this is the full map. Its a village and was made on photoshop and in the RPG Maker.  I separated into two parts as I saw in a tutorial video: the ground and the roof, and the full...

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