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  1. busbuzz

    RPG Maker MZ 1.3.3 Update

    Installed new version with steam version, no issues so far.
  2. busbuzz

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Yay, the collection is growing!
  3. busbuzz

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    I finished with the all the battlers I'm making for this set. I'm not making people 2_1 because I already have what I need there and there is an awesome 2_8 already out. Terms in my original post. people2_4 People2_3 People2_5 People2_6 People2_7
  4. busbuzz

    Busts of actors/Window Cover/On-screen buttons

    The buttons are great
  5. busbuzz

    NaosoX RPG Maker Resources

    That clock tho
  6. busbuzz

    Buzz edits and creations

    That's a very nice compliment coming from the master of masters :) thx avery. I love everything you've created.
  7. busbuzz

    Make custom maps?

    For parallax mapping you will probably need a plugin. There are limitations for what you can do with parallax mapping only using the maker. For RMMV I think you can use Galv's visual fogs
  8. busbuzz

    Generator SV body types

    I tried the generator but as it has more features that are missing it misses some important features the original has haha. so ill stick to the maker generator. mainly the problem with the extended generator is the fact that it doesn't have a fast preview as you select the items. that saves time.
  9. busbuzz

    *Raises eyebrow

    *Raises eyebrow
  10. busbuzz

    Buzz edits and creations

    I made these SV battlers of people 1-2 and people 1-1 those were super easy, I have no idea why they're missing. You just have to use the generator to make them... the challenge was making 2-2 Terms of use in the 1st post
  11. busbuzz

    BGM Help

    It can be many things. sometimes bgm stops playing on my maker, i just restart it and it solves the problem. if it doesnt solve the problem it might be some configuration. i have succesfully transformed mp3 to ogg with audition.
  12. busbuzz

    Generator SV body types

    wow ok, that's what I thought... very complicated. there should be a body swap thing and a gradient swap thing as well. i have been doing that exactly, replacing them by renaming. Thx .
  13. busbuzz

    Generator SV body types

    So, im currently working with the generator, and i noticed i have 2 different body types inside the genarator resources, those bodies are similar but have different poses. is there a way to change to the other one? did I add the other one that is not supposed to be there by mistake ? Also i...
  14. busbuzz

    Recording gameplay help

    win +g is horrible but free and easy, not for a professional looking video :)
  15. busbuzz

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    It was edited by me, it was something easy. credit me and Kadokawa. free to use commercial and free. more info here and Also here is People2-2, this one did take me awhile to make. Everything about terms can be found here on the following link...
  16. busbuzz

    Phantasy Star Fans!?

    I wouldnt say they count, just as PSIII they are not made by the same team. PS1, 2 and 4 were created by the same team and those games have a chronological order and they happen in the same universe. PSO .... is just something else
  17. busbuzz

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    People 1-1 SV Battler, easily done People 1-2
  18. busbuzz

    RMMZ Tiamat

  19. busbuzz

    Recording gameplay help

    i don't think there is anything as easy as pressing Win+G and start recording :p thx case closed
  20. busbuzz

    Recording gameplay help

    I'm using windows 10 and rpg maker mz

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