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  1. Luozcurator

    MOG's Title Picture Command and YEP's Credits Page issue

    Hey guys, I was using Moghunter's Title Picture Commands and ran into a an issue, when trying to link it to Yanfly's Credits Page. The "Continue" and "Options" stop the particle effects, blur the screen and appear above the commands. The "Credits" page doesn't and appears a layer below the...
  2. Luozcurator

    How to add a gallery?

    I seek help and guidance adding a gallery to my menu option! I am using yanfly's main menu manager and common event menu plugins. OK, maybe this a misnomer. I already have a way to add the gallery. I use a common event that displays the common event menu when the menu option is selected. This...
  3. Luozcurator

    How to combine states or ailments?

    I seek help and guidance adding combined states to my game! I wanted to do something different with my ailments system, a thing of those somes is the capability to combine ailments. For example, you have the states Asleep (Can't act, takes extra damage but recovers HP) and Afraid (may act and...
  4. Luozcurator

    Help simulating Etrian Odyssey's bind system!

    I seek help and guidance implementing an equivalent of Etrian Odyssey's bind system in my game! In case you are wondering, EO replaces the silence state with binds. Ex. head bind seals skills that use the head, mouth, eyes, etc. [Here's a more detailed description...
  5. Luozcurator

    How to Suicide/Sacrifice Skill?

    I want to add a skill that kills the user and/or a party member after using it to my game. And I don’t know how. It’s mainly for enemies and I want them to show the common death animation instead of just disappearing. I did search in the forum and found this thread, but most of the information...
  6. Luozcurator

    Seeking advice and guidance for multi-phase boss fights!

    Like the title says I'm seeking advice and guidance for multiple phases boss fights for my first game! I wish to make a game that focuses mainly on boss fights. This means that they need to be more elaborate to fill the holes that lack of puzzles and dungeons left. To make battles less static...

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