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  1. FREE Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition [All Positions Open]

    i could help you with mapping if you would still like a mapper
  2. Pokémon Style Battle

    i havnt done much in a long time but i used to be pretty decent at maps and database work
  3. Pokémon Style Battle

    i was but sortta gave up
  4. VE - Materia System

    loving this plugin just 2 questions (for now at least) 1) how do you create a final attack materia 2) is it possible to do materia fusion (like from crisis core)?
  5. Pokémon Style Battle

    looks promising will defiantly keep an eye out for this
  6. Pokémon Style Battle

    So I would like a plugin that changes the battle system so only the 1st actor fights untill switched out or dies and then you choose another untill all your party die and then game over. I would also like the ability to set the battle to be single double, tripple etc or 1vs2, 3, 4 5 etc
  7. Silvers Skill Gems (Materia)

    ok i think i must have done something wrong because when i open the equip materia scene it looks odd (see attachment)
  8. Capture Enemies

    this is sounding good just need a way to allow one party member to fight at a time and were all set ok soo tested this and a couple of things 1) enemies remain on battlefield after being captured 2) seams to be incompatable with Victorsants materia script (not sure who this needs...
  9. [Dev] Capturing enemies, recruit them as actors!

    this would be really cool looking into making a game closer to evocreo than pokemon but either way this would really help
  10. Monster Breeding System

    guess we need a way to actually capture monsters now and then welcome pokemon (well that and evolution)
  11. Silvers Skill Gems (Materia)

    well this is really starting to look even more awesome keep up the good work   gonna have to give this a go when i start looking into using mv again
  12. Silvers Skill Gems (Materia)

    well this looks good and from seeing victor sants vx ace version this could be interesting to see how you guys differ
  13. RPG Maker VX ACE Database for MV

    ok so this is almost the entire VX Ace database redone for MV it includes: classes, skills, items, weapons, armours, enemies, troops, states and sortta actors (using MV names and images and some made up names instead of VXA) If this is not allowed or the correct place then I'll remove as soon...
  14. RPG Maker MV Database entrys?

    i have converted the vx ace database for anyone who wants it not sure if im allowed to upload it here or not
  15. starting items and weapons very scarce compared to VX ACE.. why?

    i have pretty much recreated the vx ace database in mv for anyone who wants it just dunno were best to post it (minor changes to use the mv icons and actor images)
  16. Nio Simple Max Actor

    yup that fixed it for me i ha called it 'Nio Simple max actor.js'
  17. Is it possible to replace the 'Attack' option with something else for some characters, but not for o

    try using this plugin
  18. Nio Simple Max Actor

    ok hope these images help
  19. Nio Simple Max Actor

    errr when i use this it makes all the party members go into reserve by default and not sure how to take them out of the reserve
  20. Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization v2.2.1 - Updated 05/17/2017

    I think so i'll have a look into it see if i understood it correctly thank you for the suggestions

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