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  1. DangerusMuyokoProjects

    Having A Character Skill Learn Choices Actually Function?

    So I recently wanted to implement a 'choice' in RPGMMV where you can teach one character one new move and another character a totally different move. (This was a choice commonly found in Legend of Legaia.) The problem is once the characters 'learn' of said move (or make the choice by talking to...
  2. DangerusMuyokoProjects

    Muyoko Wants Seru Monsters

    Sorry for the weird and freaky title for this, but I was thinking about doing a thread asking for Seru from the Legend of Legaia franchise. I know asking for something from an already established PS1 RPG game is a little ballsy, especially with certain legal rules, but I didn't know where else...
  3. DangerusMuyokoProjects

    A possibly dumb ask

    So I was trying to mix and match different ground tilesets and what happened instead was noticing that VX Ace won't let you take from one Tileset and then add from another. Should there be a larger file to add all of the tilesets together to form something and then you install it into the...
  4. DangerusMuyokoProjects

    RPGMaker VX Ace Tileset Request: Custom Jungle/Beach Town Tileset?

    I was starting on my world map and I felt like one of my villages would really benefit with a tropical jungle theme with a beach in the South-end. (Think the Alola-Region from Pokemon meets Rim Elm from Legend of Legaia... Or better yet, think Armoroad from Etrian Odyssey III). This would...

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