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  1. kkh829

    RMMV I've made a Splash Damage Skill, But It's not perfect.

    Skill does 100%(1000) damage to one enemy. And it does half the damage(500) to all the other enemies. I've found some information about this, There was only more evolved information. like.. chain lighting(The damage is reduced by moving one by one.) or bouncing bullet?(跳彈:도탄사격,I don't know how...
  2. kkh829

    How to change the Battle Log Speed?

    I've found a few Plug-in, But It worked a little strange. If increase Battle log pop-up time, waiting time for action of Actor also increases. Eventually, Actor does nothing and stays still until Battle log pop-up disappears... Is there a way to solve this?
  3. kkh829

    Questions on Basic Damage Formula

    I made Aura skill. Using the Aura skill adds state(98) to the user and state(99) to the alliance.(and user too) ㄴThe plug-in automatically adds state(99) to the alliance when the user is state(98). 98 has Only Mana Decrease Penalty. 99 has only benefits.(No mana Penalty) So i need a function...
  4. kkh829

    Skill Affect User and one ally?

    I'm making a skill with the concept of comrades. The skill affects only the skill user and one selected ally. That is, it affects only 'two' allies. How can i made it? + Formulas and events are good, but I'm also using the yep plug-in. Any help would be good with me!
  5. kkh829

    How to make cooperating attack?

    I'd like to make an cooperating attack Skill e.g 1. There are warrior, archer, and Thief in Party. 2. Archer has a cooperative skill. 3. When an archer uses his cooperative skills to enemy - Thief and warriors attack(common attack) instead. or Attack with the archer Can I make a skill like...
  6. kkh829

    RMMV Please help Mastery Skills(Passive Skills)

    I made a weapons mastery using YEP_BuffsStatesCore this is the original code ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ <Custom Passive Condition> // Get all currently equipped weapons for the user. var weapons = user.weapons(); // Set the swords variable. var swords = 2; // Set the initial condition to be false. condition...
  7. kkh829

    Changing Gauges Height for ATB

    i am using YEP_Battle_ATB YEP_BattleStatusWindow DreamX_Ext_BattleStatusCore I want 'ATB Gagues' is more Thin or Half-Transparently. Or put words in ATB Gagues The problem is.. Use current Plug-in, not only ATB Gauges but also HP/MP/TP Gauge changes. Is there any way to solve this problem?
  8. kkh829

    More customized EXP Distribution?

    I used 'Yanfly Party System' and 'HIME EXP Distibution' Plug-in. But the two Plug-in have limited options. It is strictly distributed according to the number of party member e.g) 2 party member = Divide 50% 3 Party member = Divide 33.3333...% 4 party member = Divide 25% But... What I really...

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