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  1. Merlandese

    Ready to play - Oh! Ko! (Progress Screens Added)

    This is excellent news, Geoff! I'll be sure to buy it as soon as you have it printed and placed at my local news stand! :)
  2. Merlandese

    Last Word

    Thanks a lot for the feedback and liking the game! And even bigger thanks for the fanart! That is SO COOL! I love it. It's such a great visualization of the immaculate professor's unstoppable genius! XD I'm working on upgrading the game for a commercial version. I've already fixed one of the...
  3. Merlandese

    2014 IGMC Results!

    Really glad to see some of these games make it to the top, and am honored all the same. RoI is truly a great entry. I wouldn't have tried it otherwise (being the Judge-y Jason I can be when it comes to instant appearances). Thanks a lot, Judges! OFF-TOPIC: Cinnamon saw Marbles as her...
  4. Merlandese

    Eden - Ecosystem puzzle

    Wow, it looks a lot nicer! Good work! I hope it does well. :)
  5. Merlandese

    Ready to play - Oh! Ko! (Progress Screens Added)

    Totally glad to see you made it to the top! Your game is a great choice. :)
  6. Merlandese

    Any news when winners are announced?

    Awesome. Thanks, man!
  7. Merlandese

    Secret Santa 2.0

    I'll pass, but this was a good idea! Also, the feedback for Last Word hasn't popped up on RMN yet. Not sure if it's still pending or if there was some other kink. If it didn't make it through for some reason, I don't have a problem with the input being made as a post on the page instead of an...
  8. Merlandese

    Secret Santa 2.0

    Alright, GIR/CHEEZER, I made your review and submitted it to RMN. It should be up in... well, whenever they approve of it. XD Merry Gamesmas! It's up:
  9. Merlandese

    Secret Santa 2.0

    Sweet! Tess is already on my very short and neglected To-Play List! Thanks, Santa!
  10. Merlandese

    Secret Santa 2.0

    Hopefully I'm in the nick of time. I'd like to try this out!
  11. Merlandese

    Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    Oh, hey! That's right! Maybe I should play Wavelength's game in preparation for the victory review! 
  12. Merlandese

    Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    Any way you slice it, we have another two weeks to wait, which means we all lose! XD  
  13. Merlandese

    Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    And, of course, it wouldn't be a bet without laying something important on the line if we lose. I suggest souls.
  14. Merlandese

    Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    Ah, this is so tough! September 1st, 7:00PM UTC!
  15. Merlandese

    Unraveled - funded on KS!

    I'm not sure if I like the fish crammed into the bowl or the Brave Little Toaster reference more! EDIT: And a Pagemaster reference!? What is this game now!? XD
  16. Merlandese

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Awesome! Just tested it out and the Mana Burn works really well! It has a good name choice, too. You know that above all else it'll burn your MP. XD It's also nice because when you get items that add better elemental moves, they won't be placed in Mana Burn (I'm assuming), which will...
  17. Merlandese

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Mm, yeah, that was a sticking point for me too, now that I remember. And for all of the reasons GIRakaCHEEZER said. Having one small part of his picture change color when he shifts might be nice. If you write down the details it sounds like he gives out more than enough data for everyone to know...
  18. Merlandese

    So...some games I should play?

    Definitely play these: Oh! Ko! Unraveled The Heart Pumps Clay Goblin Noir: Cement Shoes are Highly Unfashionable...
  19. Merlandese

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Okay, so I played this a little while ago, but I haven't been able to properly formulate what I wanted to write about it. I'll start with my plain stance: I really like this game! My favorite aspect is that it felt loved. That's a hard measure to substantiate, but I think most players can tell...
  20. Merlandese

    What have you learned?

    Definitely! Probably my least favorite part of game design, especially since it's so important while also being the most out-of-game thing you have to do.

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