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  1. Mikleo

    [VX Ace] Hair and Clothes Face Generator Parts

    EDIT: Nevermind about the Hair Part, somehow, I was able to do it. I'm looking for Clothes that can be added in the Face Generator too. Preferably, Modern Clothes or Military Clothes if possible. And since this thread is already here, can anyone here understand Japanese? I actually found...
  2. Mikleo

    Sideway Broad Stairs

    Hello, just want to ask if anyone has seen a Sideway/Sidefacing Broad Stairs? Preferably the Blue Carpet Stairs? Or just a Broad Sideway Stairs in general. The sideway stairs that I found is so puny compared to the main stairs... :(   Please tell me if anyone knows, thanks!
  3. Mikleo

    MV Behavior Sprites

    Hello, I just want to ask if someone has an Eating meals and/or Drinking (soda, tea, coffee) Behavior Sprites? Would anyone be so kind to point out any resources like that? Or maybe share it if it's ok?
  4. Mikleo

    Big Sprites

    Hello, I just want to ask... How do I make the Big Sprites (more than 48x48) work in MV? There have been some robots, monsters, or something used as player sprites, but how on earth do I use them? I recently edited my player sitting in a wheelchair... Unfortunately, it's a little beyond the...
  5. Mikleo

    Player Pass below Roof/Doorway

    Hello, I'm stuck... :( Can someone teach me how you do the 'Pass below the doorway/wall/roof' thing when leaving the room? I noticed that the star symbol doesn't work on A tiles... I'm planning to do events where NPCs can, as well as the player, pass through doorways or archways...
  6. Mikleo


    Hello, I know that ya'll been busy with your games, but just want to ask, (Noob Question) How and Where do you use your icons?
  7. Mikleo

    Summoners War

    Anyone playing Summoners War here? What's your server? :D
  8. Mikleo

    RMMV Large Fountain (No Statues)

    Hello, I just want to ask if anybody here has seen anyone design a Large Fountain (without any statues in the middle. I'm planning to put statues there myself. And it's alright if it's round or square, but I prefer Round.). I found one such fountain, however it's made for VX Ace. I resized it...
  9. Mikleo

    MV Vertical Long Wooden Bench and Vertical Sofa/Couches

    Hello, can anyone point out a resource of a Vertical Long Wooden Bench (like the bench having 3 tiles, the middle tile can extend on and on), like this one, but Backless and for RPG Maker MV)? Some examples of what I'm talking about are the following images    (credits to Ayene)...
  10. Mikleo

    RMMV Modern Clothes

    Hello, can anyone please point out any resources or maybe make some clothes (if you have the time) that is appropriate for Modern times? Like simple shirts, shorts, pants, or skirts, maybe dresses? I'm currently making an RMMV game, unfortunately I'm having a hard time editing clothes. It...
  11. Mikleo

    Tileset A to BCDE

    How do I convert tileset A (specifically A4) to tileset BCDE? Basically, I'm having trouble with the walking under walls and roofs, and I read somewhere that I should place the tile in BCDE and choose the star symbol. So, I tried to convert tileset A to tileset B, but it became humongous...
  12. Mikleo

    Wavy Hair

    Hello, can someone please do a Wavy Hair Generator or a Sprite with Wavy Hair for RPG Maker MV like the one seen in RPG Maker VX Ace?
  13. Mikleo

    Newbie Drawing

    Hm, I just browsed through this Art Category and saw a bunch of awesome drawings/sketches/colorings. I'm quite a newbie in drawing actually. I mean, sure, when I was a kid, I had drawn plenty of stick figures (you could say I'm naturally not talented like some people). Drawing or Coloring...
  14. Mikleo

    Enlarge Tileset Window

    Hello, I just want to ask, is there a way to enlarge the tileset window? I'm not talking about the tilesets itself, I'm talking about the Location of the tilesets, like the A, B, C, D windows. It's pretty large and visible when I use screenshots, but my computer or monitor, well, let's just...
  15. Mikleo

    Visual Novel

    I think this is the correct category? I just want to ask... would majority be turned off if the visual novel key scenes (those specials CGs/Drawings) has no color? Like, it's literally black and white (well, maybe mix in a little silver)? I can somewhat produce a very average drawing... but...
  16. Mikleo

    LGBT Game

    I think this is the right category for this kind of thread,... or so I think it is? I'm just wondering, is there a Completed LGBT (Yaoi or Yuri) Game here? Or other creators out there who's currently making LGBT based games? Am I the only one? LOL! :D I play all kinds of games, and...
  17. Mikleo

    Using Templates?

    Hello, basically I found a resource by Avery, which is a naked sprite in a wheelchair... I need this sprite but I just don't plain know how to use it? Can someone please tell me how? Where do I paste this template?
  18. Mikleo

    Modern Clothes for MV

    Hello, I just recently switched from Ace to MV, and I immediately noticed the lack of modern clothes for MV. Can anyone please do Modern Clothes (such as shirts, polo, jeans, dresses... also other suits, and ballgowns if you have the time...). Even if it's a plain shirt, it would be great...
  19. Mikleo

    Sprite Convert form Ace to MV

    Hello, can someone please tell me how you guys convert sprites from Ace to MV? I know the size, but I don't know HOW to do it exactly... :( Like I dunno how to change the sprite from 32x32pixels into 48x48pixels... especially when the sprites are in a spreadsheet...
  20. Mikleo

    RPG Maker MV Eye Mask (Not whole face) and Cloak

    Hello! I just want to request something,.. my game is basically Harry Potter-themed, so I need an eye mask for many of my characters. I was using Ace awhile ago, then I switched to MV. But, I noticed the lack of eye masks (that doesn't involve the lower face). I was wondering if someone could...

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