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  1. Crocandthemoon

    Save Location Issue

    So, I'm working on a game with only one save slot (which I learned how to do here, thanks Shaz) but, I've run into a slight issue as of late and I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. I haven't messed with the file since doing the change slots, but everytime I go to...
  2. Crocandthemoon

    Probably Should Say Hi

    Hi there, I think I forgot to say hi a while ago, so thought I might as well. Hi, my name is Nate, I've been playing around with MV for a while and love it (still miss being in high school and playing around with XP, haha). I went to school for film and writing and now work in marketing...
  3. Crocandthemoon

    It's Gonna Be a Long Night [Horror][Puzzle][RPG]

    Title: It’s Going to Be A Long Night Genre: Horror/Puzzle Release Date: 10/13/2016 Developer: Nate-Nite Estimated Demo Runtime: 20-60 minutes Demo Version: 0.9 Estimated Rating: R13 Disclaimer: This game may or may not contain content that some find sexual such as dark themes and...
  4. Crocandthemoon

    It's Gonna Be A Long Night (A short murder/mystery game)

    Hello, I'm currently working on finishing up a game demo/short game in RMMV based on an old idea I once had wherein the game was short and the ending was randomized each time. My friend calls it like a cynical version of Clue, which I guess sums it up. I've been using the POP HORROR pack for...
  5. Crocandthemoon

    Weird Class Change

    Some days I feel like the most incompetent RPG maker in the world. So, everything was working fine for about a month and then I started running into this problem where the first character was locked but when adding another character, they would overtake the first spot, if you chose the gender...
  6. Crocandthemoon

    Full Party Condition

    Hi, I'm a little new, so sorry if this is a silly question. Right now working on a game where you can manually add party members with different abilities, but I'd like it so after you have four actors in the party, you can't add another. Is there an easy way to do this other than just adding...

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