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  1. Dhaundre

    Events not working while Text Box displaying

    Well, I know that there are a lot of topics about this, but not one of them solves my problem. I have a lot of events running.  1) Main event (character) (Parallel Process) PAGE 1 @- Walk backwards @- Jump forward @- trigger Switch HIT ONE (on) @- trigger local switch A (on) --- PAGE 2...
  2. Dhaundre

    Fade in/out text boxes. [Ace]

    Hi There! I'm trying to make my intro a little more proffesiona,l and I don't like the way the text pops up. Is there any way (script or not) to make the text (text box, transparent) appear gradually?  Thanks in advance!
  3. Dhaundre

    Steal Gold from players (Enemy Skill or DMG formula)

    Hi there!  BD I'm trying to find a way to make certain enemies able to steal gold from players. (They don't need to keep it, I only need the player to lose 10 or 20 % of his/her money) This would create a "stealing paranoia" that would push players to use the bank. I've been doing well with...

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