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  1. Typho20k

    RMVXA (Zeldalike) A Troll's Fable v.1.0

    Reuploaded file. Download works again.
  2. Typho20k

    RMVXA Steel Dome (Steampunk RPG)

    Steel Dome (not sure about title yet) SYNOPSIS/STORYLINE It's a game/story about people that escaped a world-wide plague by moving into a flying steel dome that flies high in the sky made by Ace Corporations. But, not everything is as it seems and things take a surprising turn as the...
  3. Typho20k

    RMVXA (Zeldalike) A Troll's Fable v.1.0

    A while ago, I played ''Legend of Zelda: The Lampshade of No Real Significance'' and I loved the artstyle so much I tried making a game with the same charm artwise. Our hero Nimble start as a normal troll child, sleeping in his bed when his friend comes in to wake him up to remind him that it's...
  4. Typho20k

    RMVXA (3D) Dollarman in Tellia

    This is a strange game I've been working on for at least 3 years, coming up with lots of cool ideas and try make them fit together. Will include videos and images very soon. This game is a weird mix between Zelda, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Wonderboy ..and probably other games, too...
  5. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    Added DollarStorm (Ultimate attack), Whirlwind (hits all enemies with normal weapon damage) and lots more ways of punishing the enemies.
  6. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    Been working on new deadly spells...
  7. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

  8. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    A piece of the soundtrack
  9. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    More progress since last time.
  10. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    Some sprites needs some works, but it's a nice start.
  11. Typho20k

    I like epicness

    I like epicness
  12. Typho20k

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    Dollarman: Land of Tellia What is it? A 2,5 dimensional game about a sword competent man with a tophat and a special boy who uses a bow as weapon of choice. The two heroes has 5 days to stop the evil Xulsar before he finishes his mega-cannon which will destroy all of Tellia. Features...

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