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  1. HeathRiley

    Item/MP Hoarding Prevention

    I'm more of this mindset, while I might try to push a player to run out of resources early, if they wanna backtrack giving them a good feeling, I wont stop them.
  2. HeathRiley

    Visible Enemy Combat Initiation

    I voted that player and enemy must touch. Unless the certain radius is easy to see, I think models touching is a very clear idea of when you will enter combat, that leaves no ambiguity.
  3. HeathRiley

    Stacking Status Effects and Damage-over-Time ("8 Ways to Bleed")

    Either number 2 or have a set idea/limit to the stacking. "Cannot be stacked more than 3 times" or "If used again, while already in effect, also reduce def by XXX" This reduces the ability to abuse a system, and gives you control over how much you want abused.
  4. HeathRiley

    Party/Roster XP Gain

    Hello! I think this is a great question, and probably leans to the question of "how do you WANT to challenge the player?" If they only ever need the 4 characters, does it even matter if the others level up? If there are strict challenges that required more of the other characters, such as battle...
  5. HeathRiley

    How do you handle Healers and Healing?

    For me, it depends on how the rest of the game plays. Is every character pigeonholed into a role? Can characters be built horizontally to a certain degree? I personally like either when the healer can be rewarded for healing in a strict class game, or when every character can be built to some...
  6. HeathRiley

    Wishing you the best! I know how the health and testing goes.

    Wishing you the best! I know how the health and testing goes.
  7. HeathRiley

    While I think bosses should always be immune to some status effects, I totally agree on damage...

    While I think bosses should always be immune to some status effects, I totally agree on damage. At least make a partial resist, or that only bosses resist it.
  8. HeathRiley

    Promoting Strategy

    I think these are pretty good points. -strategy for strategy's sake, or taking time to make something thought provoking, but not enough to drive people away. Is it fun and does it take a little thought? :) If you have too much going on you might have a smaller niche crowd. "Disgaea 5" has...
  9. HeathRiley

    Fast Travel Musings

    Great post and question! I think @TheoAllen made a wonderful point about immersion or; does the fast travel facilitate your game in a positive way/feel like a positive addition? Is fast travel always a part of the game? Is it introduced later, or opened up in pieces along the story? Or is there...
  10. HeathRiley

    Large EXP Gaps to Control Level Progression

    I don't mind this to an extent, its always ok to increase how much is needed to the next level and I think players will expect that. Its ok to make jumps in how much exp the enemies give, but you may not want to go too far. I personally don't mind stopping players from ranking up on a low level...
  11. HeathRiley

    I did this recently with variables 80-130, every 5 variables was missing a simple ">" , which I...

    I did this recently with variables 80-130, every 5 variables was missing a simple ">" , which I only noticed after copy/paste and then customizing
  12. HeathRiley

    Skills Levels

    Hi there @Sunzoner , there is a great script for something like this that may be able to help you out from Mr. Trivel. I don't think he continues to support his scripts at this time though. here is a link
  13. HeathRiley

    Limited Inventory

    It definitely depends on both the game and the difficulty. If you have a strategizing game that keeps you on your toes and is constantly wanting you to actually use items, and try out new items, this is a good way to go. Rogelike games take advantage of this. With weapons breaking, limited...
  14. HeathRiley

    Monster Catching Mechanics

    @Amy Pond I fondly remember FF7, as one of my first playstation games and first game to really get me into RPG games. It led me to play FF6, FFT, and Xenogears, which kind of sealed my love for the genre. I remember catching and breeding chocobos to get the gold chocobo for racing and...
  15. HeathRiley

    Other methods of stat progression?

    Level up is pretty tried and true. It makes sense to people. The problem comes with; does a level up mean much, and are there no other ways to become stronger? Most games also offer weapons and armor to go between the levels and offer another way for stat progression. Often times there are...
  16. HeathRiley

    Thoughts on an Equipment-Based Skills System?

    Hello @shadefoundry , yes I would be interested in this type of game, and have in fact played some games similar in the past. Final Fantasy 9 and the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games are two that I can think of off the top of my head. Pros: its fun, not something that every game does, can...
  17. HeathRiley

    Monster Catching Mechanics

    Hello everyone! A while ago we had a thread going on ways for monsters in games to evolve or power up. Today I wanted to see what people thought with the actual mechanic of catching a monster to add to your team. Acquiring monsters can usually be done a number of ways: trade, gift, catch...
  18. HeathRiley

    RMMV A Dungeon Crawler with Monster Catching

    Hello @Sauteed_Onion ! Yes I have played nocturne, I have probably played more SMT games than I should admit :) Yes like with pokemon that was a huge issue I was debating; what are they, why are they, and how are they tied into the story. I have begun story development and your questions helped...
  19. HeathRiley

    What do Critical Strikes represent for you?

    For me , its a reference to where a lot of RPG's got their roots, D&D and other tabletop games of the past. A critical Roll, which is the Opposite of a Critical fail. Just a low chance to get something extra nice. Many people don't use the critical fail anymore. It has more or less just turned...
  20. HeathRiley

    Monster evolution mechanic (other than Pokemon)

    Tried and True Pokemon evolutions evolve by level evolve by trade evolve by level while holding a specific item evolve by trade while holding a specific item evolve by item use evolve in certain area/weather/time/upside down device (the dark squid) evolve while knowing a specific move upon a...

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