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  1. Nenen

    nenen’s VXAce Resource Edits

    I inevitably start to edit the assets whenever working on a project, so I thought it was a good idea to share them with everyone. So… Here’s what can be shared. A mix of clumping/rearranging, Recolors, Frankensteining, and other edits. Won’t include those too specific/non-versatile to share, and...
  2. Nenen

    What's essential for an RPG-Lite?

    I'm in the concept stage of developing and designing my current project (one map challenge) and I was thinking of making it not quite fit the RPG genre; for example, having minimal combat; which got me thinking. What elements really make an RPG? And so what would essential elements for an...
  3. Nenen

    What RM-Game(s) are You hyped about?

    We're all going through a tough time right now, so we can all use something positive... And many of us already know about big triple A games that get announced... So I thought it might be nice to show some love for RPGMaker creators by sharing their games that we can't wait to play. Some...
  4. Nenen

    What makes a good hacking system?

    I'm trying to design a unique hacking system, possibly using the confines of the VX Ace Lite turn-based combat system (lots of changes) possibly another way. So my first step was to think about what others have done in games, I mostly just had triple A titles, so... I've played quite a few...
  5. Nenen

    Image not Loaded, contact administrator

    I was setting up a resource thread, but when I tried to load an image, it errored out. Both image options didn't work... The error message told me to contact administrators so... here I am.

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