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  1. Possible to redirect the RTP to work on flashdrive?

    I want to make it so I can run RPGVXACE off of my flash drive onto any computer I may use so I can easily transport my projects and work on them anywhere I go. I always get a "RPG Maker VX ACE RTP is not installed" error, so is there a way to install the RTP onto my flash drive, and have RPGXACE...
  2. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    With both VX and VX Ace, I can't run because of the error "Failed to initialize DirectX Audio." I've tried other fixes, and i really don't want to impliment sound drivers on this computer, yet use it to make RPGs. Any help will be thanked!
  3. Smaller stat numbers?

    I just downloaded RMXP, and noticed how high the stats can be compared to the beginning of most RPGs I'm used to. Is there a way to efficiently lower the stats in general while maintaining sufficient damage? An example would probably be Final Fantasy III from Japan, where the starting stats are...

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