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  1. Ariaka

    [MV] Yanfly Battle System - STB; Action Per Turn Limit Issue

    Hello, The short: Yanfly's STB Battle System plugin hard-codes a limit of one action per turn (excluding instant casts). Is there any way to remove this block to allow actors multiple actions in a turn when "Action Times+" is in use? The winded: According to the script itself, the STB plugin...
  2. Ariaka

    Monster Breeding System

    If I recall it did not require you to actually associate genders. Though you picked which acted as male/female when you set up the egg code. I don't know JavaScript well enough to be able to tell you what is going wrong, I tried once before. Ended up just changing how monster eggs are obtained...
  3. Ariaka

    Brief; Looking for a plugin to replace the timer with an image.

    Expanded; I am wanting to, instead of the default timer, have an image display where a figure crosses a path. Moving from one side to the other in time with the timer. For example, the figure starts on the left side when the timer is called/started. The figure moves across the bar/road/image...
  4. Ariaka

    FREE Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition [All Positions Open]

    Wish I had the confidence to help with the story/writing or the artistic skills to help with that the monsters. Alas I fear I fall short. But I am going to track progress on this project quite eagerly.
  5. Ariaka

    Alpha ABS (MV) [New build 1232]

    You could easily simulate it. Hide the target window and change the target circles to a blank png file. Just look at the pdf ( if you need to know how to set up the UI visibility/locations for default...
  6. Ariaka

    Need HP/MP Bar Organization Help...

    First, this is not a scripting question. I know I will need to use scripting to get my idea to work. What I am having trouble with, is how to organize the graphics for my hp/mp bars. Basically the top two bars represent the hp/mp. The third set represents hp/mp that have not yet been...
  7. Ariaka

    Same character multiple times

    Hime made a plugin that would enable you to do this without having to make multiples of the actor in the database. If you are doing anything similar to the monster capture type of game, you might want to make sure the base actor ID is one that is...
  8. Ariaka

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    I think you did a splendid job, and it does look very good as is. Will admit I was a fan of "The Great Saiyaman" as tacky as Gohan's attempt was at the super hero persona. (That is what made it so adorable though.) Spots you could look at would be; The left side of his face is solid compared to...
  9. Ariaka

    A year and a half later and I still haven't got the front/back walking sprites of the 10th...

    A year and a half later and I still haven't got the front/back walking sprites of the 10th doctor done. -cries-
  10. Ariaka

    skill level ups

    Well it isn't a script and I am far from a master of damage formulas... Common Event that runs when skill is used. You will have two variables for each skill. But you'll have Skill LVL and Skill EXP(uses). Each time you use the skill, Skill EXP will go up +1. When Skill EXP reaches a...
  11. Ariaka

    Animated Item Icons

    Okay, hopefully I can be clear. I am looking for someone to make (or help me make) a script that will allow you to animate the item icons. Having the animation cycle through set icons in the icon list. Example- I figured the easiest way would be doing something to item note-tags...
  12. Ariaka

    Conditional choices

    Hmm, the biggest plugin I can think of (for me) would be making it compatible with Hime's Large Choices plug-in ( Which basically combines several choices into one large list. (Instead of having option 6 set to 'More...') Hime also has a few other...
  13. Ariaka

    Product Release: Fantasy & Medieval

    To be honest I am most excited about the Medieval Town bundle. First, let us face the facts we cannot have an awesome outside without an awesome inside. The graphics very much remind me of a mix between Baulder's Gate and Ultima Online. Two games I was very found off (and still am to some...
  14. Ariaka

    Starting small, best way to define a species

    I decided to learn Javascript to make a plug-in for a breeding game. Jeremy Cannady did a wonderful job making a basic breeding plugin when I made a request, but it simply did not do what I was looking for...
  15. Ariaka

    Changing sprite based on armor

    Parallel process, have the trigger switch be a generic 'clothing worn' switch. Use conditionals to determine which outfit is being worn. Conditional Branch; Tab 2 Actor: (Actor to check) Select Armor and pick which armor to check for. Insert sprite change if outfit is found. Repeat...
  16. Ariaka

    Names of races

     I will tell you that EverQuest used both methods in-game. The commonly used terms = the lore term Wood Elves = Feir'Dal Dark Elves = Teir'Dal High Elves = Koada'Dal (Or... close to that.) There is no reason you cannot do the same thing. A common name for the ease of explanation when...
  17. Ariaka

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Slowly been working on some side-view battlers. Been posting updates on my Deviant Art (Kidlet83) but; Our alpha female in a combat idle animation and a ready/physical. Her combat idle is pretty much done. Still working on the ready/physical animation. I wanted to stay away from the Hollywood...
  18. Ariaka

    Monster Breeding System

    Is there any way to make the breeding a little more dynamic, or similar to the box where you select the breeders? Otherwise you have to have a rather long conditional to account for combinations. (Maybe I am missing something, which is not far from the realm of possibility.) Also, more of an...
  19. Ariaka

    DMV Map Buttons

    Can you take a screen shot of the error? (Push F8 when the error pops up.) Might be another plug-in causing the problem.
  20. Ariaka

    DMV Map Buttons

    $gameSystem.setMapButtonVisible(1,0); Don't forget the  ;  at the end. Also you need either a zero or one to indicate false or true. (Respectively.)  

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