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  1. Suiton00

    Problems with character commands

    I'm using the command move character and they don't show in the select position window :c it was working fine yesterday.... also there is this random thing that a character does not appear in the records but it appear twist when i try to use any command that involve a character. It started when...
  2. Suiton00

    Blank Name for Characters

    Hi again!!! I have a little question! is there a way to make a narrator that doesn't show its name in the text box? because if i erase its name in the the data base it just shows the name of the last character that was talking.
  3. Suiton00

    Problem with a message code

    Hi again!!! i'm sorry i have another problem.... I want to use a code to change the expression of a character in a message. The code in the manual is "{E:index}" and the description says: My problem is that when i try to change my character to his normal expression instead of that he becomes...
  4. Suiton00

    Auto Message button problem

    hello, i have a problem with the auto message button. This is how my Message Box looks when the Auto message button is not pressed. This is how it looks when it is pressed. and it stays that way as long as i don't hide the Message Box. The above capture was taking after i hide the...

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