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  1. Picture positioning tool

    I'm sorry, it would seem there is a misunderstanding. I do not mean that the picture will be the map, but the picture "is a map of the world the player can pick up and see" not anything the player will walk on. The question is how do you calculate what cords a city on the map would be in the...
  2. Picture positioning tool

    @Andar I meant, as a picture. The map is not an area, but a picture, and positioning it is my main issue so far. Thanks for all the responses, it would seem my initial description was bad, and I apologize.
  3. Picture positioning tool

    I was wondering if there is any way to accurately predict where the picture will be. I am using a map for my game, and the map is 3000x3000 in itself, with various cities and such on it. I wish to be able to accurately predict how to center a city in the middle of the city I want to travel to...
  4. Making an income in game? (RPG maker xp)

    Ah, I see! I'll use this! Thanks! 
  5. Making an income in game? (RPG maker xp)

    Don't you need a normal timer to make a variable timer function? The variable will simply follow the timer?
  6. Making an income in game? (RPG maker xp)

    When a timer hits zero it will auto exit all battles, and some people have said it does things when in shop too. This makes it hard to deal with :/ So if I use the MOD it will automatically add the income for every 1000 steps? But then comes the question, would that not need a constant event to...
  7. Making an income in game? (RPG maker xp)

    I'm not too sure of how that would work, since the timer would still be present, would it not? Since, once the timer reaches 0, battle is no longer possible and such? Or am I wrong? I'm sorry, but how would this work? I can't seem to figure out how this would be done?
  8. Making an income in game? (RPG maker xp)

    I'm not sure this is the right place to post, if not, I'm sorry... Anyway, I've been thinking of ways to make an income in game. Say you own a building making a set income, how would I go about it... I've been trying to experiment with timers, making it so you can go collect your money every...

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