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  1. Hero_Claive

    Adding in limitations to 8D movement system

    I recently implemented 8D movement in my game which is great, however Game_CharacterBase is one of the classes I've studied the least and I'm finding it difficult to navigate because the tile/x,y disparity. What I want to do is prevent diagonal movement if the character would clip through a...
  2. Hero_Claive

    Best way to avoid redrawing text during Scene updates?

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I haven't yet found a good solution for this problem. I'll start off with a screencap here: Essentially I've created a pretty detailed stat window on the right using a large series of draw_text methods in a custom Window_Base child class. In...
  3. Hero_Claive

    Simulating a Skill Formula oustide of battle?

    Been experimenting trying to create a window in Scene_Skill that shows hypothetical damage output of a given skill. This is easier said than done, however, as I'm having an increasing amount of trouble getting the program to return a numeric value from the skill's formula outside of battle. I'm...
  4. Hero_Claive

    Balancing damage output with low stats (MV, Ace)

    Hey all, I'm here today to give an overview on how to create more balanced damage output using lower stats. If you've ever played bigger franchises like Final Fantasy or Pokemon, you'll notice that the stats intentionally begin very low (10-20) and end up in the multiple 100s range. The purpose...
  5. Hero_Claive

    Break System Round II - FIGHT

    If you missed the last thread a while back: I'm back with another desperate attempt to revitalize my battle system and introduce a cool mechanic rarely seen in RPG Maker: Break! That's all starting...
  6. Hero_Claive

    Update method present during all Scenes?

    Bit of an odd question, but I'm not sure where to begin. Basically I'm trying to insert a line of code into a frame update that tracks the BGM timestamp. In other words, the update method activates after a global boolean in Audio.play_bgm is made true and it increases +1 every frame update...
  7. Hero_Claive

    Creating an "Affinity" System (Friendship/Area Building)

    Seeing as my last thread ended in fervent discussion, to say in the least, I figured it's time for Round 2 - this time, with a more open-ended topic. Once again I'm going to stan Xenoblade Chronicles as it has possibly one of my favorite worldbuilding gameplay components: The Affinity Grid. The...
  8. Hero_Claive

    Issue with Contents.Font.Italic

    Title. I've been playing around with some new windows and am trying to access attributes of the Font class, though that's easier said than done apparently. I have the following code in a Window_Selectable subclass: contents.font.size = 19 contents.font.italic = true...
  9. Hero_Claive

    Concept for new "Break" battle mechanics

    Hey all, I've been working all day to set up a few methods to introduce a completely new battle mechanic into my game, Samsarian Tale. Basically, it's a reinvention of the Break system from Xenoblade Chronicles. Above each enemy is a Break Gauge, which can be seen in this preliminary design...
  10. Hero_Claive

    Play SE on Balloon Popup

    Balloon Sound Effect v1.0 By: Hero_Claive Intro I noticed every Ace script about this has either expired or been taken down, so I wrote a quick snippet as replacement. This script automatically plays a specified SE when a balloon event command is called. You can specify the SE, volume, and...
  11. Hero_Claive

    Adding item.params to Kread-Ex's Rune Enchantments

    After a few days trying to work this out, I've pretty much run out of ideas. First, here's the title script I'm referencing: Anyways, there's a snippet that Kread-Ex adds which...
  12. Hero_Claive

    Window process for drawing item cursor

    Sorry in advance for the constant dumb-question posts (shout-out to TheoAllen in particular), Just curious where the process that draws the cursor rectangle that highlights selected items is? In other words, the little box in the bottom-right corner of the Windowskin. I'm trying to make it so...
  13. Hero_Claive

    Adjusting window_command spacing without changing window size

    This is sort of convoluted, but I'll try to simplify it: I'm trying to edit the Equip scene using the class Window_HorzCommand, which sets up a certain number of commands right next to each other. The layout I've made calls for these commands to have a spacing of about 90, which I've changed by...
  14. Hero_Claive

    Day/Night Music Themes?

    Not particularly requesting any resources be made, but I was looking around to see if anyone knew of tracklists/buyable assets that feature different versions of certain songs. Huge bonus points if they're day/nighttime themes. I've been dying to incorporate a day/night system into my game, but...
  15. Hero_Claive

    Can someone explain to me class Game_Enemy/Game_Troop?

    Hi all, I know to many of you this is probably really basic stuff, but I've been trying to learn RGSS3 so I can start implementing some graphical ideas for battles and menus. Right now I'm following DP3's tutorials and messing around with Scene_Battle, but even the simplest of stuff (which he...
  16. Hero_Claive

    Conditional eval for Game_Troop member

    I've been trying to figure this out for the better part of the last two hours, so I'm throwing in the towel and coming here. Basically, I'm trying to write a snippet where an actor becomes affected by x state while an enemy is present. The first part of placing the conditional eval is easy...
  17. Hero_Claive

    Editing process_defeat to change game over functions

    Hi all, So right now I've been working with this snippet which is found in BattleManager Line 244: def self.process_defeat #$game_message.add(sprintf(Vocab::Defeat, $ #wait_for_message if @can_lose revive_battle_members replay_bgm_and_bgs...
  18. Hero_Claive

    Need help figuring out a Monster count gameplay feature (VX Ace)

    Hi all, Running into a snag in my game since I can't exactly figure out how to program a fairly central gameplay component of my game. The game's areas involve defeating certain monsters in each area as part of a "checklist" of sorts. Each time you kill a monster, it's recorded as part of the...
  19. Hero_Claive

    RMVXA Samsarian Tale

    A personal project following the mold of the traditional JRPG - with more than a few deviations! Check out the recently-released 3.0 Demo by downloading it here: Scroll to the top to download Samsarian Tale's current 2-hour demo to experience the full first chapter, features and...
  20. Hero_Claive

    Thoughts on how to make a "Colony 6" in RPG Maker?

    This idea sort of came to me when I was thinking of story elements I wanted to add to my game; how would one go about making a ruined civilization (a large map, in technical terms) that you can upgrade and add features to? For the uninformed, Colony 6 is an area in the game Xenoblade...

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