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  1. square357

    npc movment

    I am having an issue trying to figure out how to do this. I want on a map to be able to have a even move from one end of the map to the other, wait a number of seconds, then go back the other way. I there another way of doing this, other than 'move left' x170, 'wait 300', 'move right' x170?
  2. square357

    Action Sequences Not Working

    I have been trying to get a action sequence to work for a few hours and I can't get any movement to work. Not even cut and paste of any examples on the forums, nothing works! for example: <Target Action> move target: forward, 48, 12 motion wait: user perform action motion wait: user...
  3. square357

    attack motion order on sprite sheet?

    I am trying to figure this out, and I am confusing myself. Is it listed somewhere what parts of the sprite sheet are which animations? I want to use custom sprite sheet with certain animations for certain enemies I create, but I need to know where to put the animation, thrust...
  4. square357

    A4 Wall Passable Even Default

    I do not know what happened. But A4 tile sets are now passable no matter what I do. - I check that they are marked X and not O - check that B upper left is blank an marked 'star' and not X or O. -I started a whole new project with defaults tileset the do not work (Just started a project...
  5. square357

    Remove Magic from combat menu

    My game idea is modern and does not have magic. Is there a way to change the name 'magic' in the combat menu?  I have tried searching for a answer but only get main menu plugins, and stat name changes.

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