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  1. Multimoon

    RMMV Problem with switch script call

    Hello, I'm using HUD Maker plugin from SRDude and I want to make a HUD element only visible when the switch 22 is turned ON. I've read this thread : I've tried to apply their tricks but...
  2. Multimoon

    RMMV SRD Gold Window Customizer : Level up problem

    Hello, I using SRD Gold Window Customizer and I'd like to show the level gauge with this plugin. But I cant find how to do and I know nothing about Javascript. Can someone help me ?
  3. Multimoon

    YEP Common Event Menu (Where is it ?)

    Hi, I found the YEP Common Event Menu plugin 2 month ago. I found a page with a download (It was 1$). But when I decided to bought it 3 days ago, told me « This page no longer exists » so I can’t buy the plugin anymore. There is my question : Where can I find it ? Thanks, and...
  4. Multimoon

    Event Tileset Hitbox

    Hello ^^ I started to develop my game 2 months ago and I ask myself a question that I never managed to solve. In my game, I would like the player to be able to plant a plant. For this, I use an event, and for appearance, I use part of the tile set B. But the selection area in the appearance of...

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