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    Why VN?

    I hope this doesn't come out as obnoxious, but I am using MV right now for my VN I am making and I haven't had any problems with it. I don't see the need to use this engine. What makes VN maker better than MV for making visual novels?

    My MV wont open up

    I don't remember my key and this is why I am here because the tech support wont let me send a help request without it. I had MV for a while now and it just wont open up. I have a MAC OS computer if that helps.

    Dramatic ending enhancement

    Got a story that you are working on that needs a better ending? Need a second and third opinion on it before using it? Perhaps I can help... and for less than a penny a year! (not really, its all for free.) I make dramatic endings for games! Whether they are more tame or if they are dark and...

    Delete my old inbox messages

    .... This must be a new feature added since the last time I came on (from when the forums was being changed, you can ignore this thread, never mind


    I need help finding something that can simulate TouHou project style of fighting. I already found some plugins that simulate it, but they don't work that good, so I am here posting this question. Whoever can help, it will be greatly appreciated


    So it is one thing that the message has to be a certain length, but another thing is to have to wait every time you discover the message is too long and go back to enter it when you have shortened it. I went to shorten it, and now its waiting for a timer to go off before I submit it - only to...

    I hate my life!!! .....

    So I was sitting down for like..... 4 hours making this maze and thinking it all through and I finally made the skeleton of the maze and how it was going to go about.... Then I go and look at the map settings and I see - what... Maze generator!?!?!? Are you serious!?!?!? AAAAAGH! Oh well, At...

    Inbox???... :(

    If you need a video to show this problem let me know - When I get on with my phone, the Inbox/Alerts section appears for about 1/2 a second then vanishes every time I try to pull it up. Know about this already?

    Lie to me!

    What is the biggest thing that you tell people online that is just a load of nonsense? If you are not a pathological liar, then make something up about yourself that is obviously not true and convince me that you are not lying to me.

    140 characters?

    Is there a reason for this? I can hardly put up a message on my profile picture with this limit on it. I am trying to give updates to my followers but this message showed up preventing me from putting it up. It's hardly a lengthy post I'd say... All of the other ones before it were a lot longer...

    Name this girl...

    I had a filler name for this girl for the longest time, and I can't think of anything that will fit the personality of this girl. She is timid, suffers from depression, and has some growing up to do still despite being 8 years old, she still behaves as if she is 5 or 4...

    how do you become a veteran here?

    quick question is all

    Ideas for "Death"

    I am trying to stay away from the stereotypical "skeleton in a black robe with a scythe" look for Death and his servants. Any good ideas out there how to make someone representing Death look super creepy and intimidating? I was suggested a leper-con once.... but the visual of a happy little fat...


    I know its a small thing, but just letting you know its there, "have", not "has" Just learned about it in ENG 102 :P

    Can you use this on the other Makers?

    I find it very difficult and VERY time consuming to find artists that help make up for my lost ground for my inability to draw. If this is a program that is compatible with makers like MV, I may consider getting it to help speed things up. Or if there is an artist, to use his/her own makings...

    Overlapping text

    When I open up the window to my profile, it overlaps the text just under my name. its a minor thing, but thought it might be worth pointing out.

    Making bad guys

    I am on the path of making bad guys, but I am in need of some ideas. Not just your stereotypical "Blood thirst, dark, and cold" bad guy, but someone that really knows how to get the spot light. I am making some demons that are kidnapping people in large quantities to fuel their life in this...

    Death in the form of a wolf

    I am looking for someone that is willing to sketch out death that has transformed into a creepy dead wolf. The basic idea for it will be similar to the drawing made below as a reference, but bigger, scarier, and to some extent, different so it can stick out more. an idea I had was to have him...

    Evil Experience points

    As a reference, Toby Fox used in his game, "Undertale" a mechanic where every time you killed something, your "love" increased. I would like to use something similar to this. But I don't know exactly what to call it. What would be a clever name to show to the player that the main character is...

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    Voice acting I was looking for artists for the longest time, but I found everyone that I was looking for now. So now the thing I am looking for is Voice acting. For the sake of this thread not being longer than it needs to be, please PM me for details. I may not answer right away since I am not...

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