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  1. RyanYe

    Anybody knows where to download the full set of DnD hooks?

    These give me great inspirations so i want to have them. thx in advance!
  2. RyanYe

    RMMV These two plugins are conflicted each other and I need help The result is the minimap will not show up I have tried 5 hours to fix and there is no luck for me so i ask help here. Note: If you delete the code on...
  3. RyanYe

    Can I make the tile appear from above or move?

    This is so cool but I don't know how to make this happen. Tile appears from above(a sci-fi game) Tile moves(Magneto escapes plastic prison) Thx for any replies!
  4. RyanYe

    RMMV Is it possible to find nearest event with certain notetag?

    I want something like this: find_nearest_event(notetag, range, varID) set the nearest event_ID that matched within range set -1 to varID if no events matched within range example: if an event has notetag : <fire>, its event ID is 20, right near the player then...
  5. RyanYe

    Hi there. I want to request a game title like this one

    example: The difference is as follows: 1,game name is: Soul Hero Adventure(directly put on the image) 2,The characters on the map is Rena and Roey.(Rena is magician while Roey is a swordmaster) 3,Add a river with some houses near it(on the hill foot) 4,Add a skyship flying on the sky...
  6. RyanYe

    [MV] Side doors request

    I want to request some "side doors" in mv style. modern or medieval both OK because i think the doors with only "front" is a huge limit to interior map designs. I have searched google but there is no result so I want to make a request here. the resource better look like this: ↑↗→ It means the...
  7. RyanYe

    I want to talk about plugin CONFLICTS!

    I have created a game demo during the Labour day vacation: demo youtube link I have spent over 30% time on dealing with plugin conflicts. Am i the only one who want to make suggestion to the officials that how to solve this problem once and for all? so here comes my suggestion: 1, Officials...
  8. RyanYe

    What lisence is required for commercial games(MV)?

    I want to publish my game as commercial project. Since this is my first time to do this, i don't want to be success but just want to stay out of trouble, so i want to ask questions in advance 1,What lisence is required for commercial games? RPGMAKER itself? font? artwork? plugins? ALL of above...
  9. RyanYe

    How to design impressive NPC names?

    hi there, since i am not quite native english speaker, idk whether the names for my characters are cool or awful? any suggestions?
  10. RyanYe

    Customize menu SE(Item/Skill/Equip/Options,etc)

    [Plugin Desc] Customize the SE of accessing different menus in the game. Including the main menu(RMB menu) [Download] [Compatibilities] Compatible with those plugins that add menu commands(game will not crash), but cannot...
  11. RyanYe

    What did these things do in the Character Generator?

    I'm a kick starter on the character generator, I've spent a lot of time thinking/guessing what those P,C,M stands for, but i failed to figure anything out. and what's more, i am curious why the "rearhair1" is not shown in the variation of "kid" any help? thx!!
  12. RyanYe

    RMMV How to make the lake glowing like this?

    the video is from YTB: or I don't know whether this is plugin-involved or not, so i want some help here. thx! Orz...
  13. RyanYe

    RMMV I want to request plugins that allow me to add more overlays

    I have searched the forum , two topics, but both links are down :( I didn't get them while they are available so can i request this plugin compatible with MV 1.6.1?
  14. RyanYe

    RMMV How to make HPMP gauges into multiple color gradient?

    how to do this? any plugin? or edit the code??
  15. RyanYe

    RMMV This is my way to generate a ROGUELIKE map

    roguelike means random, everything so i did this tricks: [ entrance event ] [ 1-1 event(parallel) ] [ exit ] after some test, this way is a go. But still i have some concerns: 1, I need to build SO MANY switches, for each and every single sub-map, to mark their status 2, I need to build...
  16. RyanYe

    I want to set agility affect critical chance and dodge chance

    Ahhh i am so dumb, i have tried many ways but all have failed! I don't know how to do this, so I want to ask how to: 1, set Crit.Chance+ = (a.agility - b.agility)*0.1 2, set Dodge.Chance+ =(a.agility - b.agility)*0.05 help!
  17. RyanYe

    How do I change the animation ID for normal attack?

    my question about "nornal attack": 1,Why there is an animation that cannot be found in the animation list? 2,is this animation called normal attack hard coded to animation #6? 3,how can I change this id? 4,What is the point to apply a state named normal attack to an enemy? 5,Why there is no such...
  18. RyanYe

    RMMV Do you like this loot drop and jump effect? Any suggestions? I use such combinations: 1, Eliaquim's freetile searcher plugin(this is hot!) 2, Galv event spawner plugin 3, a little tricks by myself, LOL Do you like this and any suggestions?
  19. RyanYe

    I want to show Pictures on the exact location of an event

    I want this happens: --- A players steps onto an event --- show a picture named: heart , on the exact location of the event, regardless of where that event was But i don't know how to do this, i need some script call like this: showPicture(1, "heart", x, y), where: --- 1 is the id of...
  20. RyanYe

    Can I BROWSE to the conversation page from any link?

    the link is here: but i have to save the link manually, because i don't know where to BROWSE to this link on the forum page, just can't see it anywhere. help!

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