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  1. Aslanemperor

    How to show credits during gameplay

    Tutorial topic: How to show credits during gameplay. Brief description: Have you ever watched a movie and seen how the credits pop up as the opening action scene plays out? People are talking, fighting, doing all the movie things, but the credits appear and vanish along the way without...
  2. Aslanemperor

    An investigative RPG checklist

    Purpose: I'm beginning this thread with this purpose as an explanation since couldn't think of a better way to describe it within the title. My current main project is a game that I hope will be very different. I'd like to create a game that gives the feel of a pen and paper roleplay game, with...
  3. Aslanemperor

    Merging posts... Could you stop!?

    I've been racking my brain the last couple of days as an issue in one of my threads with someone blew up, and suddenly, one of the other people in the thread who I had no quarrel with (actually, the conversation up to that point had been quite cordial) suddenly got the impression that I was...
  4. Aslanemperor

    VX Ace Modern worldmap Tileset

    Resource Type: tileset Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: I need a modern tileset that shows things like skyscrapers and city blocks instead of the standard fantasy style tiles. It needs to be sized for a worldmap setting. I've found modern tilesets, but none fit the...
  5. Aslanemperor

    An investigative RPG?

    So to start out, I'm working with VX Ace. The game I'm planning is going to be a kind of template for a series of games to come. Unlike most of my posts, Plugins and Scripts are welcome to make things work out. Also, suggestions are welcome, of course! The game: First, this game will be an...
  6. Aslanemperor

    Publishing my game online

    Hi there! I've finished a quick scene on VX Ace to use as an example of the sort of work I'm capable of. I'd like to publish it online, but I've hit a bit of a snag. The site I want to publish it on requires it be uploaded as HTML5. I understand there are supposed to be converters for this...
  7. Aslanemperor

    Creating that "Mission Briefing" feel

    I'm working with VX Ace, but I also own all previous versions of RPGMaker in case that makes a difference in advice (for instance if there is compatibility with some sort of plugin which will do the trick in an older version) So, I'm starting to plan out my new project. I decided that I'd base...
  8. Aslanemperor

    Making my events stay where they belong!!!

    I'm beyond frustrated right now! I'm really hoping there's some simple thing I've done wrong that just requires a quick fix, because I'm tearing my hair out right now! So, I have some events set up for a cut scene. The events move through the cut scene properly and then the battle finishes...
  9. Aslanemperor

    Using RTP resources

    Okay, I don't know if this has been answered, but I figured it'd be really fast. I know we, having purchased the program, have the right to use resources in the RTP. What I wonder is whether we need to put some sort of Credit acknowledging that. I can't find resources on this, though that...
  10. Aslanemperor

    Creating Scripted battles

    Alright, I'm having a lot of trouble with making a scripted boss battle. I've searched all over trying to find an answer to how to properly do this, but the questions people are asking relating to it are things like "how do I use Scripts to start battles." What I'm looking for is a battle where...
  11. Aslanemperor

    FREE Creating a scoundrel RPG with sneakyness!(Warning: Adult Themes)

    Warning: The following game and it's subsequent description covers adult themes and is not appropriate for younger audiences. The game will involve dark themes surrounding a life of crime, including violence, torture, sexual slavery, drug and alcohol abuse, and theft. Read on with caution...
  12. Aslanemperor

    An issue with rules

    Ok, this has now happened enough that I need to say something. Since this forum is for site feedback, I'll post it here. If I'm told this is in the wrong forum... Well, let's just get into it... I'm not sure who is deciding how to write the rules, but there seems to be the rules that you...
  13. Aslanemperor

    Boulders on switches puzzle problems

    Ok... So I just watched a tutorial for how to make the "Boulders on switches to open a door" style puzzles. The problem was, the listed solution is SUPER tedious! It requires two variables for EVERY piece of the puzzle, then a conditional branch for each piece of the puzzle combined with each...
  14. Aslanemperor

    A fat little bug

    Summary: This request is for a game I'm working on for the upcoming "Touch The Stars" competition. It needs to be finished within a deadline as such (I'd like at least a few days to implement everything properly.) If I don't get a response, that's fine. The request is somewhat broader than I...
  15. Aslanemperor

    a spell to light the stars

    So, I have a problem which I'm guessing is not unique. I'm sure it's been fixed before, but I can't find anyone posting tutorials. The only caveat, before I get into the problem, is that I'd like to avoid scripts and plugins if at all possible. In the game I'm making, the main characters are...
  16. Aslanemperor

    Monster drops variables?

    So I want to set up a mechanic similar to the Earthbound Series for those familiar. Instead of monsters dropping money, you occasionally get paid based on the amount of monsters you've slain. I set up a variable for this, thinking I'd simply set up monsters to do an event upon dying... But I...
  17. Aslanemperor

    Travel between worlds?

    I'm making a game for that little "Touch the stars" contest, but I'm still a bit of a newb overall to RPG Maker. I figured a short game would be a great way to get myself some practice completing a game, even if I'm unlikely to win. Sadly, I've already come up against a big issue! I've set my...
  18. Aslanemperor

    VX Ace; In need of a few small things

    To start: I would like several different things for use in a small project. This project will be free and available on Newgrounds when I'm finished. It's a small game (I'm aiming for about an hour of story content). Since there are several requests, I will make individual forms for each in...
  19. Aslanemperor

    Making a monk

    Ok, so one of the characters in the project I'm working on is a monk. What I'd like to do is set her up so that when she's unarmed she's roughly as powerful as another character with a good weapon would be. This is easy enough to set up: Just make her strength higher. The problem comes with...

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