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  1. Xaveriux

    RMMV Pokémon: Tribes of Tohjo

    POKÉMON TRIBES OF TOHJO Title: Pokémon Tribes of Tohjo Engine: RPG Maker MV Platform: PC, Android, Mac Creator: Xaveriux Introduction Hello! My name is Xaveriux, a Hispanic project creator in RPG Maker who has been tinkering with the Engine for a few years but who has decided to start...
  2. Xaveriux

    Hey, I´m new!

    Hello everyone. My name is Xaveriux and I´m a Spanish maker. I started using this program when I first downloaded RPG Maker XP, and since then, I was experimentig a bit with the default resources. With the arrival of the last version of this program, MV, I started to think about make an own...

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Doing RPG Maker News for 21st September 2021

Malak is still waiting for Dark Deception Chapter 4... This was him yesterday after another sugar crash.
Again, he's fine. He's just bored at this point, considering he's exhausted his entire vacation bucket list.
Am I the only one who files custom resources under specific folders to remember who to credit? :kaoswt2:
I always smile to myself when I see someone do the "immediate halt and spin around" from forgetting something. I find it sort of endearing how we all do it without ever being taught to.

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