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  1. tlbearer

    Video Games: The games I play

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start a thread to talk about games that I play, not so much the AAA titles that I play, but the smaller ones or the ones that aren't normally noticed. You all can bring in the ones you play too. I love the Suikoden Series and the Atelier Series of games, but they...
  2. tlbearer

    RMMV Corrupted Spirits

    Corrupted Spirits Story Starting point of the game: Cara, the hero of the game, lives in a tree house in what was the forest of light, where the temple to the goddess of light is. One day she exits her house to go and find game only to see a shining bright light that is coming from the old...
  3. tlbearer

    My Youtube Channel

    Here is my youtube Channel: I have mainly been playing the Aveyond series which I have permission from the creator to do. I also do what you would call AAA titles like World of Final Fantasy and Star Ocean.
  4. tlbearer

    World of Final Fantasy

    Hello everyone, I just got my World of Final Fantasy game yesterday and decided that I would just play the opening bit before streaming it tonight when I get home. I already hate the character Tama, very much. Does anyone else hate Tama or any of the other characters so far? Mind you I only...
  5. tlbearer

    How to make an element do less damage...

    So let me start off by saying that I have made some skills in my game such as Fire Shield, Ice Shield, etc that are supposed to work like the skills in FFX do, those are NulBlaze, NulFrost, etc. It is supposed to make it to where one attack of that element will do no damage at all, absorb it in...
  6. tlbearer

    How to make someone appear? (Explaintion inside)

    This is a two part question as I am trying to figure things out to get everything working the way I need it to in my game. Part A.) After getting to a certain part in my game, like getting a base, the player can recruit characters. My question is how to get them to not only appear in the base...
  7. tlbearer

    How to make someone appear? (Explaintion inside)

    So in my game Demon Seals the player gets a base and can recruit characters. The player can also change their party members. My question is how to have it to where A.) How to have the characters appear in the base? Mind you some of them are shop keepers and such. B.) How to have the characters...
  8. tlbearer

    Character Creation Tutorial

    Hello everyone, I decided to make a character creation tutorial that is a little different as it all runs off one event mostly.  Below is the link to the video, mind you it is a bit long. Character Creation
  9. tlbearer

    Title Screen

    Hello everyone I am looking for someone to do the title screen for Of Man and Machine. Below is the link to the actual thread about the project that I have now converted to MV. I will try my best to describe what I want as well. What I want is a desert in the front that has machine parts...
  10. tlbearer

    DS and DS+ SV Battler?

    So I just finished converting everything from the DS and DS+ DLC to MV and I would like sv battlers for all of the character sprites/faces that are in the DLC. Resource Type: SV Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: DS/DS+ style Description:  I would like sv battlers for all of the...
  11. tlbearer

    VX Ace Resources to MV?

    Hello everyone, I own most of the makers and I was wondering how to make the resources from VX Ace work with MV because there are certain resources that I preferred from VX Ace. Currently I am talking about the DS and DS+ facesets as I own the dlc and would prefer to use it in MV as it would be...
  12. tlbearer

    My Random Doodles

    Here are some of my random doodles that I drew at work. I personally think they suck. You will have to click on the links as I'm at work.
  13. tlbearer

    Demon Seals (Recruiting)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently recruiting team members to work on my current project. I'm willing to help anyone that helps me out as well. I have experience in mapping and eventing and I'm willing to do either or both for exchange for helping me with Demon Seals. Below in the quote is...
  14. tlbearer


    I'm not sure where to put this topic so I'm going to put it here and let the moderators move it if it needs to be moved. I have an idea for a story/game but I don't really want to make the game. What I want to do is give someone (or a few people) the idea that I have and let them go with it. Not...
  15. tlbearer

    Learn Skills from Spell Book?

    I am wondering how to make it to where a character learns skills over time from their weapon(s)? For example I have a witch in my game that weilds a spell book and as the player has her in their party and is walking around the witch will learn new spells from the book after so many walks. After...
  16. tlbearer

    Succubus Faceset

    I am looking for a face for the succubus in RPG Maker MV as I want to have her talk before she is battled in the game. Does anyone know where to find this or would someone be willing to make this face?
  17. tlbearer

    How to change faceset in RPG Maker MV?

    I am wanting to use the facesets for the spiritual faceset and the Monster 1, Monster 2 one in RPG Maker MV from the ones in RPG Maker VX Ace. Does anyone know how to change the resolution from the ones from VX Ace to work correctly with MV?
  18. tlbearer

    Sprites Needed

    I am in need of sprites for the Earth Spirit, Water Spirit, Ice Lady and Fire Spirit. I'm using the RPG Maker VX Ace Battlers for those characters so I need sprites that match them.
  19. tlbearer

    Change Party Members?

    So in my game there is a character you talk to and they allow you to change your party members, all but the main character. How would I do this correctly?
  20. tlbearer

    How to make this event run? (explained inside)

    So what I am trying to have happen is that someone gives the play a question to gather 10 pieces of wood and once they gather all 10 pieces then they would get a reward. I am trying to figure out how to get it to where the reward will only be given once the player actually has 10 pieces of wood...

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