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  1. TwentyFree

    RMMV Super Simple Animated Title Screen

    Greetings, I would like to request a scrip for MV. An animated title screen simply by swithing between frames at a desired speed and nothing else. Nothing overly complex like glowing foggy shining sparkly animation effects. All It needs to do is for it to loop through several title screen...
  2. TwentyFree

    RMMV Simplification of show text actor pictures.

    rpg maker mv has no inbuild automatic sprite changement in case your character changes armors. You have to manually say if actor has this armor change actor sprites+face. For this I simply do that but the face change each time the actor speaks is done with insane nesting of conditional branches...
  3. TwentyFree

    RMMV Khas UltraLighting Remake for Commercial Purposes

    Hey everyone, So a little introduction. Khas has left the rpg maker scene entirely and has stopped making and supporting his javascripts. There is no response on any of his available contact links. This makes it so that nobody can get a commercial license for some of his scripts that require...
  4. TwentyFree

    RMMV Buying Commercial License from Khas

    Does anyone have an idea how I can get myself a commercial license of the plugin KhasUltraLighting. It sais : $15 USD fee (payable via PayPal only) on the plugin description ; it states to mail him (contact page on my blog). his blog : I did sent...
  5. TwentyFree

  6. TwentyFree

    RMMV Galv's Superman Ability help

    Hey, I use Galv's Superman Abilty plugin to make my characters fly, but they retain the normal form (they don't turn into a butterfly) I am trying to make a event ''fly'' aswell. Problem is the height is different. Galv sudjested me to make the sprite sheet higher of that event to make it look...

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