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  1. josephdevelops

    RMMV MOG_TreasurePopup.js, MOG_TreasureHud.js, and MOG_TrPopUpBattle.js not working on Android Build

    I tried messaging MogHunter but not success so far. As you can see, the images do not load on my mobile port. They work great on Windows and Mac. I opened the plugins up and looked at their code. Everything seems to look good. The plugins all have 'if' statements to wait for the icon to load...
  2. josephdevelops

    Yanfly Action Sequence Pack 3 not working on Android Port

    has anyone else had this problem? ... would love to get this fixed on my mobile game. Using RPG Maker MV.
  3. josephdevelops

    RMMV Paragon Level System like Diablo 3

    For those of you who are familiar with Diablo 3s paragon level system... I want to set something like this up for my game. I have a few ideas of how to go about it but I want to see if anyone has some feedback. So basically when a character hits lvl 50... I want them to max lvl. At this point...
  4. josephdevelops

    Login Screen and Cross-platform Cloud Saves

    Soon my game will work on Android, IOS, Windows, Apple and maybe even Linux. I'm interested in account creation and cross platform saves. Has anyone seen this executed with RPG Maker MV/MZ? I basically want: login screen account creation screen cloud saves for logins cross platform cloud saves...
  5. josephdevelops

    RMMZ Plugin to Reduce All Tint Durations to One Frame

    I made a plugin that reduces all flashes to 1 frame but I can't figure out how to do this with tints. If I could do this it would make my mobile deployments run super fast. Help! :D
  6. josephdevelops

    Familia - On Steam for Mac & PC

    Version 1.10 Made with RPG Maker MV/MZ Synopsis Tension has been building for millennia and war on the horizon. At the center of the war, a small family tries their best to find each other. To be there for each other. Familia tells the stories from relatable characters in an unrelatable...

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