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  1. Fermmoylle

    Damage to MP State

    How can I create a State where all damage caused to the actor with that State is applied to his MP instead HP? And if the MP is depleted, apply damage to HP as normal (and disable the State). EDIT: Found a way. Thread can be closed.
  2. Fermmoylle

    Weapons and elements

    Hi! I'm having a bit of difficulty with a particular damage formula, and my searches didn't helped a bit. I have two kinds of weapons in my game: pure physical weapons and enchanted (elemental) weapons. When the user attacks with a pure physical weapon (command Attack), it's the default...
  3. Fermmoylle

    RMMV cathegory

    I've just submitted my game to the site, but I couldn't find "RPG Maker MV" or "RMMV" as a cathegory on the drop down menus. There's only RPG Maker 2k up to VX Ace and IG... So far, my game has no engine listed due to this. Did I miss the RMMV label or there is no label there?
  4. Fermmoylle

    Equip menu alteration

    If someone could please modify the Equip menu, I'd be glad. My game doesn't use Magical Attack, Magical Defense, Agility or Luck, so removing them from the Equip menu would be great. On the empty space caused by the removal, including the Face of the hero equiping at the moment would be...
  5. Fermmoylle

    Lag and script error

    Ok, I managed to upload my game to my server. It's there. I've playtested. A few friends also playtested it. It can be found here: -- (in Portuguese, sorry -- but I'll translate it soon). Two problems I've noticed: Lag issues It's a small game, with...
  6. Fermmoylle

    Failed to load: data/actors.json

    I've tried to deploy my game (finished the beta last night) and load locally to playtest outside the RMMV. After exporting all files, the mouse cursor still keeps the processing task icon instead of the usual arrow (but only when pointing to RMMV screen. Then, when clicking on the...
  7. Fermmoylle


    Last night I bought RPG Maker MV on Steam. While it's all and dandy, since I live in Brazil and my primary language is Portuguese, the whole software is in Portuguese. Is there a way to change the software language to English? I ask this because the Portuguese translation was probably made by...
  8. Fermmoylle

    Greetings and salutations

    To paraphrase a good book, the best introduction is always to say who you are. So... Call me Fermmoylle. Yes, double M, double L. Old nick used since modems cringed while trying to connect with an astounding 28.8kbps speed. Yes, I'm old. I look to all these kids around me and think they should...

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