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  1. What could have been?

    So, a month isn't exactly a lot of time, and Lord knows everyone probably had to snip stuff as time went by. Some people had to snip out entire chunks, while others had to barely cut out anything--either way, that looming deadline probably pushed down on people's ideas, and sacrifices were...
  2. Peace of Mind

    Hello! This is my first completed RPG Maker game. I doubt it'll go very far in the contest, but I had a lot of fun making it, I learned a lot for next time, and I hope you guys enjoy it. For the contest I made a game where you play as a white mage, head into an adventurer's mind, stab off...

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Would a simple item rarity plugin be useful to someone? Basically, you would set notetag to an item to set its rarity and it would change the text colour of the item.
Stuff that bothers me: When I answer resource requests and the people don't even bother to answer wheather that was what they needed or say thank you in any way.
I'm tempted to leave the Fight/Escape choice in the Boss Battle submission and make Escape pop up Nedry from Jurassic Park: "Uh uh unh!"
Is it weird that i feel overwhelmed from reading codes that i wrote few months ago? Lol.

I dont even know where to continue!:hsad:
Gosh,I want to Play this Game Again one more again!

Seeing my Own Character & Kannono Once Again!

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