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  1. pasunna

    find the creator of this side view animation

    I forgot where I find this great work anyone know his website or youtube channel/twitter thank you
  2. pasunna

    how to addchild sprite that not move?

    I try to make my own parallax plugin but can't find a way to stop sprite that I add moving I try to add it at tile map//parallax layer but it still follows player try some other sprite class like Tilemap,TilingSprite no luck thank you
  3. pasunna

    change rendering method to use gpu

    I read around about Mv use cpu to handling all rendering and it is for mobile purposes but my game will never go mobile so I want to use the gpu to take the job because I plan to use parallax and if it’s on gpu it will handle it better(from what I read?) I don’t know if this even doable...
  4. pasunna

    is there a way to shorter game $gameMessage.add line break?

    hi to make two line message now I do $gameMessage.add("Make sure") $gameMessage.add("she stays there this time.") and I use it a lot because I use message pop up and don't like too long window for one line so is there a way to do line break more shorter version thank you //edit find out that \n...
  5. pasunna

    [solve]default parallax tile problem with custom screen size

    solve by the parallax image need to fit the map size not the screen that my mistake ------------------------ new project with only yanfly core engine and community basic I test set screen to 960x540 with either of them in the editor the tile and the parallax background are connect but in play...
  6. pasunna

    can I start event in the specific page that not active

    I mean $gameMap.event(Id).start() can start event page that active(the last page if there are no switches off on any page) but can I start the page that not active by specific it index I try some $gameMap.event(3).page(2).start(); $gameMap.event(3).pages[2].start(); but nothing work thank you
  7. pasunna

    when error in other language

    Hi is there a way to make my project read the error file name in other language than english now I use Thai language in event and file name when it error it will show audio/se/%E0%B9%81%E0%B8%A1%E0%B9%88-%E0%B8%A1%E0%B9%88%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%B2.ogg instead of file language name I'm not...
  8. pasunna

    start event by name[solve]

    solve I create a function for it callEventbyName = function(name){ for (var i = $ - 1; i > 0; i--) { var event = $[i]; if ( === name) { $gameMap.event(i).start(); break; } } }...
  9. pasunna

    draw img under rect

    hi I make some minigame by custom select able window and got a problem I want the rect to go abve image but can't find away to do it even if I draw img befor rect it still go under and the minigame is for connect the pipe so a space to show rect bigger make it feel not work thank you
  10. pasunna

    pixel maker mv?

    I working on Action game on rpg maker mv in the second years now but I see there are pixel mv that is more suit for action game what you think if it a good Idea to move to that engine because Mv is not belong to action base in the first place? is there a forum and plugin sharing like visual...
  11. pasunna

    Screen_Animation ver. 1.0.3

    Screen_Animation ver. 1.0.3 Creator name Pasunna Introduction I try many animation plugin. But can't find exactly what I want I want the game animation to show above picture and window and not bind to picture or event so I try to make one this plugin creates by a novice so use at your owns risk...
  12. pasunna

    alias function

    Hi I learn to modify many base scripts from other plugin but I don't understand them completely one thing is what is the difference of sometime they call my_alias = function_etc function_etc{ code code code } and then sometime they call my_alias =...
  13. pasunna

    camera shift left right

    Hi I'm working on side scrolling game and the Rpg Maker camera always lock to the center I want make the camera adjust by player facing right is -3 tile etc and go make a shot in this Game_Player.prototype.centerX = function() { var x = (Graphics.width / $gameMap.tileWidth() - 1) / 2.0; var...
  14. pasunna

    How to make rng fair?

    Lately I see many players complain about rng in the game So… I curious about what Idea to make it fair? Because rng is relying on luck Even if you had 99% It’s not guarantee that it will succeed And when it fail player will feel it not fair anyway?
  15. pasunna

    audio volume variable

    I kind of use custom voice playing plugin(to fix some audio lag) and editing it some way but I notice that the main option of the game save the volume variable even if we close the game and not load any save? how do I do that? because the voice plugin use it owns volume method I create some...
  16. pasunna

    character blur when camera not move

    on a fresh project fresh map the character blur when move around it will not blur if I choose to make bigger map and camera start to scrolling and I see even in commercial project these near map edge that camera not move still blurring So... is this issue never fix and we just live with it...
  17. pasunna

    flip character sprite in set frame

    Hi I use only left rigth sprite and in fact left and rigth are just flip version so I want to change set frame function to draw only one line of sprite and just flip it by code Sprite_Character.prototype.updateCharacterFrame = function() { var pw = this.patternWidth(); var ph =...
  18. pasunna

    What is the Test mode flag

    hi lately I mess up with resource management with my game like more folder and more file type etc but I still like to see the preview picture in editor so I want to know what game switch script that detect if game is in test mode or not so I can put a condition for the new path only load outside...
  19. pasunna

    what is this in set moveroute and how to call it by script

    never mind got it it is this.character(0) ------------------- I check out that in move route mog plugin can call this to work with event in many way and in show text it show (this) as [object, object] it like the object property of that event or some thing? so I want to do some work around...
  20. pasunna

    disable player control when use active window

    I create action game and create menu that not stop even on the map but... when interact with menu the player character still move around so I want to disable the Actor control but not the control in menu why? I create game inspire by dark souls so the enemy can kill you while you mess up with...

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