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  1. Exporting to Android Issues

    Hello, So I have successfully used two methods in exporting my game to an APK and install it on my phone, using two methods, Android Studio and Website to APK Builder, however I ran into a weird issue, in which the game screen is black while the music plays, and I have to click on the left side...
  2. In-game Real Money

    Hello..Im making a huge game with my friends and im having a bit of a problem, what im trying to do is the game wll be free but i want some stuff in that game to be like real life money so how do i do it? the things that i though is like making a site and ppl buy like a 5 dollar card to give...

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Just read the English lyrics for Despacito. Ramen aint innocent no more! :kaodes:
Well today was blown away with nothing to show for it. I made a new character to my game who I was going to have a protection mechanic where he protects my main character randomly unless it's a critical, and no matter what, to check if an attack received will be critical, means checking the apply method. This means rewriting the entire method and I refused to do that.
This was originally made for a "castle" challenge, but we just decided to keep it for our actual game :)

Would a simple item rarity plugin be useful to someone? Basically, you would set notetag to an item to set its rarity and it would change the text colour of the item.
Stuff that bothers me: When I answer resource requests and the people don't even bother to answer wheather that was what they needed or say thank you in any way.

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