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  1. ThePedro004

    RMMZ Visustella Options Core (Adding a Variable Option)

    Im trying to add a variable option in the options menu using the Visustella Options Core plugin but I cant figure out how. I need to add a option with 2 possible values, each value change the var "x" value to 0 or 1. Could someone help me?
  2. ThePedro004

    RMMZ Message Sound Effects

    I'm lookin for something like this plugin for MV: For me it is one of the most essentials plugins to make text not boring, is anyone working on something like this for MZ?
  3. ThePedro004

    Show Title Image only when Press Start

    Hello, I hope I am posting in the right section :yswt:. Anyways, I use SumRndmDde's Press Start plugin, and It works well, but I wanted to only show the 2nd titlescreen Image (like the default onjes Floral and Medieval) only when I pressed START and the options showed on the screen. But I don't...
  4. ThePedro004

    RMMV Bruma

    Creator name: ThePedro004 Genre: Drama & Adventure Start date: June 2018 Team: ThePedro004 Available Languages : Introduction Bruma is a personal project started in June 2018, the story being is written separately to the game in a format known as "fic", the idea of turning the story into a...
  5. ThePedro004

    Fall Outside_A2

    I edited this A2 tileset to a more darker and brownier one, to match your fall themed games, enjoy! Outside_A2 : For those who like the RTP textures, I made a recolor of them too : All credits goes to the original creator (Windies) I just recolored.
  6. ThePedro004

    Awesome Light Effects for MV?

    My request is a similar plugin of the Khas script for RPG Maker VX Ace, Khas Awesome Light Effects : That would be very useful for mapping , but I think it would be very complex to do.

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