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  1. Possible to redirect the RTP to work on flashdrive?

    Thanks for all of the quick responses, guys! I'll try them as soon as possible.
  2. Possible to redirect the RTP to work on flashdrive?

    I want to make it so I can run RPGVXACE off of my flash drive onto any computer I may use so I can easily transport my projects and work on them anywhere I go. I always get a "RPG Maker VX ACE RTP is not installed" error, so is there a way to install the RTP onto my flash drive, and have RPGXACE...
  3. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    Thanks for the replies. The computer is Windows XP manufactured by Intel. I'll look into the links and see what I can do. Spontaneously? Not really. I downloaded XP first to try it out, make sure I liked it first with the 30-day trial. This worked to some extent on my Linux computer. So I...
  4. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    Sadly that isn't the case here. Tried reinstalling the Multimedia Audio Controller yet said it couldn't be found online. I'll look more at this in the morning. If people have more tips/ideas, that'd be awesome. Thanks to those so far.
  5. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    So now its the waiting game for installing/updating drivers. I'll edit if it fixes my problems. EDIT: Might take longer than I thought. Finding exact drivers are tougher than I thought. Might go the DOS path.
  6. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    Normally, yes, but I got this computer literally free, and just had to make it work again. Figured out there wasn't any sound drivers, never put much thought into it. I'll check the fixes, see if they'll help. I did try some others, but Google did not give much for me. EDIT: Nothing helped...
  7. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    I know that RPG Maker utilizes sound, but is it really necessary to require it? Honestly, I would impliment sound drivers onto my computer, but it just seems a lot to get one system working.
  8. So, I require a sound driver to make RPGs?

    With both VX and VX Ace, I can't run because of the error "Failed to initialize DirectX Audio." I've tried other fixes, and i really don't want to impliment sound drivers on this computer, yet use it to make RPGs. Any help will be thanked!
  9. Smaller stat numbers?

    i tried doing that, yet had everyone either hitting zeros or whiffing. I'm only asking if someone else has done something similar, and if they know of a good range of attack to defense that can give ample results.
  10. Smaller stat numbers?

    I just downloaded RMXP, and noticed how high the stats can be compared to the beginning of most RPGs I'm used to. Is there a way to efficiently lower the stats in general while maintaining sufficient damage? An example would probably be Final Fantasy III from Japan, where the starting stats are...

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