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  1. [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    Hey Indrah! It's been a while, good to see you're still roaming about and doing cool stuff. If you'd be interested, I'd like to hear your thoughts on my game for this year. I took your advice to heart from last year's Peace of Mind and tried to...
  2. Post your judging scores here

    Yes, I have. Two friends who are also still waiting on their reviews have as well. If Archeia is right and they're being e-mailed, then they're simply not going through to the e-mail. I asked Deckiller to send it in PM and if he's right in that just about all of them were taken care of, then...
  3. Post your judging scores here

    I give up. Good luck with the next contest.
  4. Post your judging scores here

    I haven't gotten any response on my game yet either, in either inbox or spambox. - This was my game, though I'll be PMing you directly for reference's sake. Hope you don't mind!
  5. Post your judging scores here

    Happy new year! We've officially surpassed the amount of time it took to judge the results. ...I say that, but I'm mostly teasing. Hopefully the judges are enjoying their holidays and having a good time with their families. :D And then afterwards finally send us our results
  6. Post your judging scores here

    Still haven't gotten mine either, and it wasn't caught in my spambox.
  7. Post your judging scores here

    Non-RPG and still waiting as well. Bumping the PM.
  8. Post your judging scores here

    At this point, I am going to laugh so much if I finally get my results back and it's just "Sorry, your game didn't make it into judging". :P
  9. Post your judging scores here

    In before a massive influx of thousands of PMs. :P
  10. Post your judging scores here

    Okay, finally got my coupon. Was just a delay, phew!
  11. Post your judging scores here

    I haven't recieved a coupon or a score. Oh dear! Hopefully it's just a delay.
  12. Ready to play - Oh! Ko! (Progress Screens Added)

    Congratulations on your victory.
  13. 2014 IGMC Results!

    Congratulations to the winners.
  14. 0.5 hours until the contest results!

    I'm not a very good artist. But as the contest results are coming in two hours, I thought it'd be nice to give a little last-minute dedication. Congratulations, to all of you. To all of us. It's been a struggle--not just to get through the contest, but also to deal with the aftermath. I see a...
  15. 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest - What would you do differently?

    See if I can get a hold of an artist and/or see if I can improve my own artistic ability. Graphical presentation gets a hold of people by the shorthairs right away, since they're the first stuff they see in screenshots/videos/etc. Audio design and story writing won't do much, since they don't...
  16. (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    Congratulations on finishing the list! Lord knows playing that many games, even just one hour games, is unbelievably draining.
  17. Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    Deep down in our hearts, isn't every day Christmas?
  18. Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    Sure, sounds fun. I'll bet midnight on Christmas. :D
  19. What could have been?

    Ah, yes. Once the results are out, I'd really like to head back and give it some much-needed love. I'd originally planned for less RTP graphics, but idiot that I am I had no idea about the existence of expansion packs, and all of my artist friends were busy with other things at the time...
  20. What could have been?

    So, a month isn't exactly a lot of time, and Lord knows everyone probably had to snip stuff as time went by. Some people had to snip out entire chunks, while others had to barely cut out anything--either way, that looming deadline probably pushed down on people's ideas, and sacrifices were...

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