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  1. StartTsu_

    Sprite bikini line + Swimsuit

    > Example > Sprites > Masks > Example > Sprites > Masks
  2. StartTsu_

    I'm looking for some flower and mushroom tilesets. [MZ]

    Most I'm finding are low resolution and are for VX/VX Ace but I didn't like the resize result.
  3. StartTsu_

    Slim body without clothes for male and female.

    I will update the male SV
  4. StartTsu_

    Slim body without clothes for male and female.

    Male/Female SV, TV, TVD + Masks Download -
  5. StartTsu_

    Looking for Leaves Underwear

    I not find it
  6. StartTsu_

    Looking for Leaves Underwear

    I have MV
  7. StartTsu_

    Looking for Leaves Underwear

    It probably doesn't exist for MZ, so I'm looking for MV and then editing it myself
  8. StartTsu_

    Looking for Leaves Underwear

    You know those movies that the characters stay on an island and after a while they start using sheets to create a kind of clothes with leaves I'm looking for something like that
  9. StartTsu_

    Can someone send me the MV SV base sprites?

    I will try to convert the colors and format to the MZ
  10. StartTsu_

    RMMZ How to add new weapon sprites to SV sprites?

    I find this Weapon Sprites Enhanced | RPG Maker Forums In MZ is necessary to edit the part with Sprite_Base, replacing it with Sprite
  11. StartTsu_

    RMMZ How to add new weapon sprites to SV sprites?

    In [SV] Attack Motions there are only predefined sprites, how do I add new sprites here?
  12. StartTsu_

    [ RMMV or RMMZ ] Sahagin SV

    I'm looking for Sahagin battle sprites that look like this Sahagin
  13. StartTsu_

    Looking for parts of fishmen and lizardmen.

    I am looking for parts of fish men and lizard men to be able to edit the generator with different characteristics so that NPCs can be easily identified TV sprites would be enough
  14. StartTsu_

    [MZ] I'm looking for women's clothing

    I couldn't find the link for this sprite
  15. StartTsu_

    RMMZ How do I change battle sprites using JS?

    I know how to change the others but I haven't found how to change the battle sprites anywhere
  16. StartTsu_

    RMMZ I'm trying to create a sample visual equip

    Is something wrong with the code? Or do I need to do something for the common event to work?

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