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  1. ConfliKt

    Custom Sidebars

    In this video someone uses a combination of two scripts to make animated sidebars: Now is there a way to create custom, static, sidebars?
  2. ConfliKt

    Piercing skill

    I'm in the making of a skill that pierces its target and hits a random target in the next row using yanfly's row formation and target core plugins. Yanfly did make a video on how to make a "Piercing Arrow" ability, which did do what i wanted it to, however all targets are chosen randomly...

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Uploaded a new Video today where I play Minecraft "The Bridge" please check it out & let me know what you think of it!
I normally only post these every 24 hours, but same-sex marriage is coming to Rune Factory 5 and I just wanted to share it with the world!
Today was wild. In the day I worked in my project (and realized I have almost 100 hours wich is a happy surprise), and now i'm having to calm my boyfriend down because of chris pratt Mario.
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hey pepe, why do you have a gun on your head? where is wojak?
Still alive! Totally did not finish in time for the Jam (boy that's late) but tl;dr of the last half a year is Work term -> Covid Lockdown -> Sick... again -> Full time Employment. Game stuff has been on hiatus but got a new graphics tablet so hopefully updates again soon. =D

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