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  1. DigitalAdhesive

    DigitalAdhesive's Digital Art Pile

    Greetings! Last week when I started experimenting with creating my own character portraits I created a thread and just added a new face when I completed it, but I ended up drawing far more than I originally thought I would, so I figured it'd be best to create a new topic that I update...
  2. DigitalAdhesive

    My first crappy custom face!

    This guy ain't perfect by a long shot, but man, there's something so cool about seeing custom assets in a game, even if they're kind of sub-par - it just gives it its own personality!  Sadly I don't think I'll have the time or ability to replace all the tilesets, but making custom faces is the...
  3. DigitalAdhesive

    Monster/Enemy Graphics - Anything Out There?

    Hey all, I'm really really interested in expanding my monster/enemy graphic library (battlers mostly, but sprites are always welcome too!).  I've done a lot of googling and poking around, but haven't struck gold yet.  Are there any decent repositories of community resources for...
  4. DigitalAdhesive

    Searched, Googled, Still Confused about Autotiles

    I know there are a few tutorials out there, and the one's I've looked at seemed to be thorough, so I think the problem is with me.  Like some aspects of math, or other disciplines, it just hasn't clicked in my head yet, and I'm confident it will when I look at it from the right angle, but for...
  5. DigitalAdhesive

    A few basic questions about commercial games

    I'm new to the RPG Maker community (and to RPG Maker in general) and I had a couple questions about commercial games.  I'm mostly in this for fun, and I certainly don't plan on becoming rich off of RPG Maker, but I was curious about how crucial custom assets are for people to be interested in a...
  6. DigitalAdhesive

    Hey Everyone, I'm New Here

    I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an old fart (at least probably by this forum's standards) at 33 - my first real RPG was Final Fantasy II (US) around 1992 when I was 12.  Loved it.  Always wanted to make games and RPGs, but math was never my forte and programming languages looked like...

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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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