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  1. Automatic Battle Help

    I'm wondering how I can make like an automated battle between two character that doesn't involve the main character. Is there any way  I can do this? If I need to be more specific I will.  I appreciate your help
  2. Not to waste a single tile

    So while trying to put tiles in to the game I noticed that I have been having too many blank tiles (which show up to be black space when you load up the game) like for example I try putting a flower like tile over grass tiles but the grass tiles disappears  instead and I'm left with the small...
  3. Random Tile swapping

    I have a problem with a certain room. So, whenever I try loading up the game and going into that particular room the tiles automatically switch between like 4 different sets of tiles not only that all events and my characters are frozen and can't do anything while the room is flashing different...
  4. Adding different sprites into the program

    Hello I'm new to the forums so if I break any rules with posting this in the wrong section I apologize in advance. I just wanted help using sprites that I found in the forums that would work really well for the prototype game I'm doing (just for a placeholder for now). Like I downloaded it but I...

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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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