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  1. hotwheels47125

    Program to automate generator part installation.

    I actually did find a fantastic (albeit somewhat expensive) app that handles renaming in brilliant, programmable ways! It is called Smart File Renamer, and it was on the Microsoft Store. For a project like this, it was worth the $20! Using the filters, it made renaming a hundred or so different...
  2. hotwheels47125

    MOG Time System Help

    I hope someone can find the answer, because I would love to revert back to my tint of the hour when my "Flash" spell wears off. I know there's an alternate solution of creating an in game clock that ticks and keeps a variable log, but that would mean figuring out the timing ratio of Mog's plugin...

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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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