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  1. Enemy Revive

    Hello to everyone Is it possible to resurrect an enemy killed?
  2. Final Fantasy Skills Hi everyone, I wanted to know if they could replicate the effects of these spells on rpg maker mv with yanfly skill core plugin. If possible, could anyone do it if it is not disturbed? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Program Crashed

    Hello, unfortunately I do not know who to ask for help and do not understand why after spending 70 € rpg maker mv, the program when I least expect it stops me and obviously if I did not save lose all the work up to that point! Is there a way to solve this problem?
  4. Disable Mouse Control

    Hi to all :D  I could use a plugin to disable the mouse before you even start the game! :D
  5. More animations states for SV Battle :D

    I want a plugin that can increase and create more animations inflicted status of the 10 default

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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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