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  1. RMMV RMMV 1.6.2 - Enemy Blink Effect while taking Damage

    Hi Guys, is there a chance to ACTIVATE the (default) blink effect while an enemy taking damage without using action sequences by YEP? Also i got the BattleEngineCore by Yanfly and dont find any possibility in there to reactivate it.
  2. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    Hello there, since like a month ive got on mobile and pc the following bug: whenever a actor hit an enemy critical or whenever an actor/enemy absorbs damage the game lags. the fps drops like to 1 to 10 frames. the fps drop down is more hard when an absorb appears. but if i hold the OKE button...
  3. Showing the Amount of Absorbtion Points in State Icon (Yanfly - RMMV)

    Hello Guys, im trying to get the amount of absorbtion points from the yanfly absorbtion plugin shown in the states icon. this is the lunatic code i use, which wont work at all: <Custom Apply Effect> user._currentBarrierPoints = user.barrierPoints(); user.setStateCounter(StateID...

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