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  1. MSMPokeGamer

    Turkish Translation?

    Hello everyone, I want to make a turkish translation for my rug maker mv game, but I'm not sure whether its supported.  thank you for taking your time reading this post, :)  and i hope you know how to do this/whether its supported.
  2. MSMPokeGamer

    RPG Maker MV Game Host?

    Hi, I have finished a game, and cannot find anywhere to post it online, so people can play it online. For some unknown reason, i cannot post to gamevolt either. I would like to have posted it to dropbox, but that doesn't hold up for traffic, and I was thinking about using google drive but i...
  3. MSMPokeGamer

    RPG Maker MV In Dropbox

    Hi, I would like to make a link to my game via dropbox, but don't know how to. I Have The index.html file but when I upload it, it never works inside dropbox. when I double click it however, It works fine.  Thanks again, I left the image of the files i was given, as an attached file :)
  4. MSMPokeGamer

    RPG Maker MV

    Hey there everyone! I just wanted to ask a simple question which has been on my mind recently, is everything in RPG Maker MV  "Free for commercial use" I wondered whether you actually can use everything, which originally comes with the game (No Add-Ons), without running into Any trouble...
  5. MSMPokeGamer

    Music/Assets Being Used

    Hey, I was designing my game (in RPG Maker MV) And I realised that I may not be able to put RPG Maker MV's assets/music/images into my game. If I put it on the app store (IOS &Mac/Google Play/Steam (PC & Mac) Will I be able to use the assets and music and images found in it? Or would I have to...
  6. MSMPokeGamer

    In-App-Purchases In RPG Maker MV

    Firstly, I Would Like To Apologise For If I Put This In The Wrong Section, Im Not Sure Where Questions Really Go   Anyway, I Am Making My Own Game In RPG Maker MV, However I Would Like To Have In-App-Purchases In It For IOS And Android. Im Not Sure On How To Do This, Does it Require...
  7. MSMPokeGamer

    RPG Maker MV Questions

    Hi, I Am Here To Ask You A Few Questions If You Wouldn't Mind Answering Them. I Would Really Love That. I Really Want To Buy The New RPG Maker MV (On Mac), But I Would Like To Know The Following First:   Can You Import Your Own Animations From Your Computer?  Can You Import Your Own...

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