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  1. TheGentlemanLoser

    Looking For An Old RM2k3 Game

    Hey so I'm looking for a specific old RPG Maker game. It's called "Eldritch", it was on GW around 2006-2007ish but it never got uploaded to RMN so I'm hoping a copy of it is sitting around on somebody's hard drive. In case it jogs anyone's memory it was a Lovecraftian-horror type deal set in...
  2. TheGentlemanLoser

    Can a game with turn-based combat be scary/be "a horror game"?

    Hey so the whole ass poll kinda fit into the subject line this time. Is it possible for a game with turn-based JRPG style combat to be a "real" horror game/to frighten players! Took a wild guess posting this here and not in Game Mechanics or Game Ideas. I'm tempted to make a clarification like...
  3. TheGentlemanLoser

    Stars & Oceans Thereof

    So I'm currently playing Star Ocean: The Second Story "on psx". I am not loving it, I am not hating it, I am at the point where I'm kind of waiting for it to get good and maybe running out of patience a bit, I'm about 6 hours into the campaign (just recruited Opera, most recent game overs were...
  4. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMZ Javascript vs. My Brain -- Time Progress Battle System vs. ATB

    Hey so RPG Maker MZ, a program I have access to for like seven more days unless some Good Samaritan is suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to buy it for me, has something called Time Progress Battle System which is...I mean it seems to basically be an ATB? MZ's core JS files are not really...
  5. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMZ ALEX - Rebuild Thy Paradise (Touch The Stars Jam!)

    A.L.E.X. Rebuild Thy Paradise Resettle The Planet Retire This Pun ALEX : Rebuild Thy Paradise is a weird and ungainly and hopefully also fun, cool, and interesting hybrid of (anti-) traditional JRPG and Colony Sim. What happens when the four destined heroes chosen by the crystal fail to save...
  6. TheGentlemanLoser

    Time Progress Battle

    Has anyone done any kind of a breakdown on the internal mechanics of RPGMZ' Time Progress Battle System (so, its ABS by any other name)? Or at least has anyone worked with it at all and noticed any of its quirks or tricks? (I remember way way back in the day the 2k3 ABS had its fair share of...
  7. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMZ Event Chase Player

    Hey so I'm not asking someone to make me a custom plugin for this, I feel like there MUST be an existing plugin that works for this, and I just want someone to point me in the right direction. I think this is still the right forum and if it's not, please at least know I'm not posting this in the...
  8. TheGentlemanLoser

    (ANY) AREXU!

    Heyyay'all, I'm looking for pretty much any art/resources of O.G. Alex from the original RM2k/2k3 RTP, which is now around 20 years old, besides those ancient default RTP resources! You know, this guy right here! As you can see, I already have a recreation of him as a 4-directional walking...
  9. TheGentlemanLoser

    Front View Battles

    How do you (yes, YOU) feel about front view battle systems in JRPGs? Personally, having never played any of the Dragon Quest series, to me there's something very uniquely "RPG Maker" about front view systems, even more specifically (and here I'm gonna date myself!) very uniquely "RM2K". Having...
  10. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMV Custom Collapse Sounds For Different Enemies

    I was wondering if someone could whip up for me a plugin that lets me specify a note tag in a monster's notes field that allows me to indicate a specific collapse sound effect for that monster. Right now I really like the collapse sound I have of a big, guttural "Urp!" sound for most dying...
  11. TheGentlemanLoser

    "Infighting" In Battle

    Hey, so this is a pretty open-ended question but I was wondering if anyone had experimented with or was aware of any plugins that cause (or create the illusion of, whatever) AI monsters in the troop "in-fighting" one another, like belonging to two or more "factions" (the actual plugin doesn't...
  12. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMV Getting A Variable From A Plugin-specific Value

    The variable in this case being an actor's jp from YEP_JobPoints. I want to know how to get an actor's current jp from the plugin as a variable so I can then display that variable with OrangeHud/OrangeHudLine (somewhere near where MOGActorHud is displayed on screen, hopefully getting it to look...
  13. TheGentlemanLoser

    Most story-intensive/talkiest side-scroller?

    Hey, so I'm curious because side scrolling platform games are a field I really haven't kept up with well since the days when Mega Man X was a new game lol although I've been on a bit of a retro kick lately, and also my internal game designer is for some reason very thirsty for the idea of making...
  14. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMV No Luck (stat)

    Hey so my game doesn't use the LUK stat for anything, MAT is the overall mental stat, MDF has been repurposed as cyber affinity/technical ability, come to think of it as it's using Chrono ABS it doesn't use AGI for much either but I'll figure out something for AGI to do... Anyway my question is...
  15. TheGentlemanLoser

    Do you use a controller (gamepad) when playing RM games?

    I cannot think of anything to type here that will add anything to the thread title/poll question so um yeah, for a third time on the same page: do you use a controller (gamepad) when playing RM games?
  16. TheGentlemanLoser

    dice rolls (outside of combat)

    This thread is not about whether attacks should have a chance of missing or how big it is acceptable for that chance to be or if skills should have a chance of not working or what chance of inflicting a status effect needs to be to be worth doing etcetera this is about outside of combat stuff...
  17. TheGentlemanLoser

    Deadlines (Mainly The Self-Imposed Kind)

    Hey do you find that deadlines help you get things done in a timely fashion? Whether you're set a deadline when doing work for hire or working with/for someone, or setting yourself a deadline to progress at your own project. Have you succeeded at setting yourself deadlines and if so, how? I was...
  18. TheGentlemanLoser

    [RMMV] Misc. Technical Difficulties

    So MV has been giving me some problems this year that individually are very minor but collectively pretty annoying and I figured I could ask about them in one thread. The F1 and F9 function keys are not working so I can't access the little menu to adjust my keypad config and whatnot and I...
  19. TheGentlemanLoser

    Creating The Illusion of Curves/Roundness With Square Tiles

    Hey so when mapping primarily with tile-based mapping, not "parallax mapping" (you can use "parallax" background elements and some foreground overlays or whatever, in fact you kind of have to, but the question is about mapping primarily with the square-grid-locked 48x48 (or w/e) tiles) how do...
  20. TheGentlemanLoser

    RMMV press button, thing happen

    Hey so I basically want to create a plugin where a single key press will call the equip scene for the main character, because the game has only one character and because it's using the Chrono Engine it feels very weird to me that you can press Q to quick-select an item to equip and W to quick...

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