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  1. kl4ss1c

    Yanfly's Armor Scaling

    I am having a weird issue that i can not figure out, maybe someone here can shed some light onto it. The note tag i have in the basic atk and a random skill is both  <Base Armor> armor = target.def / 2; </Base Armor> and i set both of the damage formulas to a flat 100 0 variance...
  2. kl4ss1c

    AP - Stat Distribution

    any ideas on why this is happening?
  3. kl4ss1c

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3

    i get the count going up. but i dont learn the new skill, wondering fi i have it called in the wrong spot? where do you put the call at for it to work properly?
  4. kl4ss1c

    Bobstah's Enhanced Equipment, Item, Items Command, Skill, and Skill Type Restrictions 1.5.3

    sorry if this seems like a dumb question but say i wasnt to restrict the skill say fire skills which is lets say skill id 02 from any actor or class that doesnt have a weapon id of say 1-10 from showing up in the battle commands window during a battle. Would i not make a  snipit of say...
  5. kl4ss1c

    Armor Levels

    I looked though the forum but did not see anything pertaining to armor leveling.  I was wondering if it has been made yet or can be looked at being made. I was looking for a plugin that gave specific armor types levels.(light, medium, heavy) They would level based on amount of hits/dmg...
  6. kl4ss1c

    GDT Elements Leveling

    np. if you have some free time ive got some questions id like to ask you?
  7. kl4ss1c

    GDT Elements Leveling

    ok nm i figured it out.    Game_Actor.prototype.getSkillsToLearn = function(elementId) {     var skills = [];     var skillIds = this.currentClass().meta.elementSkill;     skillIds = (skillIds instanceof Array) ? skillIds : [skillIds];     for(var i=0; i < skillIds.length; i++) {      ...
  8. kl4ss1c

    Simple Skill Leveling

    are there any known plugins that have trouble with this one? i would like to use this but it doesnt seem to register levels at all and i do not get anything in the console window. 
  9. kl4ss1c

    GDT Elements Leveling

    nice job! so i do have this error now though. any thoughts? TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined     at Game_Actor.getSkillsToLearn (file:///C:/Users/root/Documents/Games/testy/js/plugins/GDT_ElementsLeveling.js:274:30)     at Game_Actor.learnSkillsforElement...
  10. kl4ss1c

    GDT Elements Leveling

    i fixed it. you cant have a space in the command between the numbers. 
  11. kl4ss1c

    GDT Elements Leveling

    thanks this is what ive been looking for and was about to brush up on my js and try and throw together myself! it seems though, when i level up a skill. does it have to be in the skills to learn tree for the class to learn it? im getting an error when it tries to learn a skill. Any ideas? its...
  12. kl4ss1c

    Take on online rpg to single player..

    Thanks for the info wavelength. I still have a reservation because I'm taking this a single player route. If mv had the multi-player plugins ready this would be a different story. I'm still struggling with the improvements(weapons armor tiers). I can balance numbers fine In a spreadsheet but...
  13. kl4ss1c

    Take on online rpg to single player..

    Yes it's a single actor based with 3 classes at the moment. For the random drops I've used himeworks enemy drop plugin. From what I've seen you can use as many drops as you want. I'm just having a struggle on making I want a big overworld where you just roam around or a smaller...
  14. kl4ss1c

    Take on online rpg to single player..

     So I've had this idea of making a single player version of this old online genre type of game. It's an RPG with only a single party member. It's basically a grinder type of game. The core object is to level up as high as is random based combat with random drop loot for...

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