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  1. tuskel

    RMXP coding resource demo?

    Thank you, this is exactly what I'm talking about! Now I just have to beat those grey cells up to try and remember everything I learned before.. :D tuskel, sincerely
  2. tuskel

    RMXP coding resource demo?

    Hi, Yes, it was more like help with eventing. I can't remember what kind of changes they had made in the script, if any. (I mean, they most likely had, I just didn't really look into it.) tuskel, sincerely
  3. tuskel

    RMXP coding resource demo?

    Hello, My first post here, but I think I have seen some familiar faces around. Almost 4 years ago I started making an XP game, after playing all the Aveyond ones and being really impressed. I bought the program, and jumped right into it, and then life happened. A breakup, moved out, didn't...
  4. tuskel

    Do I have to make a copy of my project if I'm installing a new version?

    Sorry, didn't really know where to put this... I bought XP on Steam just now (because it's on sale! yay!), and I realised I had downloaded the trial from here... As the title says, if I install it, do I have to make a copy of my project so it does not get overwritten? It's in My Documents, so I...
  5. tuskel

    RMXP Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Wow! I love this idea! And it looks so cute! (The main reason I love RPG maker games :) ) Now I just have to find a good Harry Potter game... Or make it, if I can't find one! ;) tuskel, sincerely

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This scene was suppose to be a test... but now, it's going in the game as official side/optional content. :kaosalute:

functionality(This is function demo not game demo)
1 The door of ABS map can open upon clearing all the monsters
2 Secret room/road arrow/lighting/whatever others can be shown upon clearing too
3 Boss HP bar and loot effect, loot jump and item name color as well as the pick-up animation effect
4 Back to town and "victory aftermath" screen for ABS maps/rooms
Playing one of the two RM2k3 games I was best known for back in the day, one I made in the Spring semester of my Freshmen year in college like 15 years ago, feeling all kinds of ways about it. I have not played this game in WELL over 10 years. I feel a million years old RN.
One of these days, I need to find/figure out how to replicate the Brave/Default system. Heheh...
Are ReSTAFFs a thing anymore? Just curious, not sure if this is thread-worthy, so just musing here

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