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  1. nanashiXz

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    Perfect! I have reset the parameters for the IconSet arrays and the icons appear as needed. And your array isn't ugly! It looks like it mathces perfectly. So far each test has pulled up my janky looking icon until I put some better ones down. Unfortunately the script call with <setup array> is...
  2. nanashiXz

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    You got it! I'll send over all the screen shots I have. Including how it is working but not showing anything anymore. If I can do anything to help test this, please let me know. I will send over the plugins I have and whatever you need.
  3. nanashiXz

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    Thank you very much! I will go ahead and put in the new script into the note section. When I can figure out why the system crashed even harder. Does the below error mean the same thing as the up to "up" variable?
  4. nanashiXz

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    So so sorry! I ran into another problem. I hope another person can help me with this, because I don't want to bother the creator so much, but I am getting a [Reference Error up is not defined]. Any ideas on what this means? The actual aspect of getting to the QTE was working yesterday and now it...
  5. nanashiXz

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    You got it boss! Forgive me if I seem unaware of some terms, but I hope this is what you meant by action sequence: <setup action> eval: $gameMap.QTE(["normal"],300,["ok","up","down","left"],true) if eval:$gameMap.getQTEResult() === "failure" break action end </setup action> /* line 1...
  6. nanashiXz

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    I love the plugin! It is so amazing to be able to have something that gives this kind of interaction. I am running into the same problem above where if the character fails the QTE, the skill or action still comes out. I have tried to plug in things such as "miss action" and "fail action" but the...

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