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  1. Tetsune

    Using "counters" instead of gauges?

    Hey everyone! Is there a script or a way to replace a gauge (like magic) with a damage/used based graphic? Sort of like with Zelda-style hearts, but in this case, I would like it to be for MP and possibly for TP. Example of Health in Zelda: The basic system would be like this: You would have...
  2. Tetsune

    Lunatic Item help?

    I'm looking for a way to add a larger sprite image and maybe some other details in my Item Menu's Help window. Like so: I have no coding experience at all, so I was wondering what I would have to go about doing to make this happen?
  3. Tetsune

    Alchemist Event + Inventory Select Scene?

    Revisiting this thread since I've got a more solidified idea of what I'm going to do with it. So the event would go like this: Go to Alchemy Dude's house. Talk to Alchemy Dude: Choose item "A" Choose item "B" Time goes by, you better lose yourself in your mom's spaghetti, it's ready Item "A"...
  4. Tetsune

    Bit of a pickle with menu scripts.

    I'd like to start of saying I don't know a dang thing about Ruby script LOL So, up until now, I haven't had an issue because I modified 3 menu scripts (The Luna Engine Menu Scripts, Galv's Menu Themes, and Galv's Menu Layout) to fit together and keep all the elements of each... Except one issue...
  5. Tetsune

    Menu Scene Edits for Galv's Menu Themes

    Hello, all! I'm looking for a Ace scripter to help edit some inner scene windows for a menu. I'm using Galv's Menu Themes Engine, but it very lightly edits the inner menus (Skills, Items, etc) and I want a little more... Customizability? It's pretty much JUST moving around some basic windows...
  6. Tetsune

    Wall script for larger sprites?

    I'm going to ask, even though I believe it's impossible with program limitations... Anyway. I'm wondering if there's a script that allows passability with "wall" tiles on one side, but not the other? Of course, there are no problems with smaller sprites, but larger sprites with wild hair...
  7. Tetsune

    Victor ATB issue

    I'm having major issues with Victor Sant's Active Time Battle script When I enter a battle, the gauge loads like normal, but once I select a command, the gauge instantly reloads and allows me to select again, and again, and again. It literally loops and I never perform the action, and neither...
  8. Tetsune

    VE Animated Battle + Summons and pets help?

    I've been scratching my head and it's actually starting to hurt a little trying to figure out this problem. I'm using Vlue's Summons and Pet's script here along with Victor's Animated Battlers script. When I summon a normal summon, the game just freezes. Nothing can happen. I summon a medium...
  9. Tetsune

    Simple Custom Menu for Horror-style games

    So I kind of wanted to get rid of all the stuff I'm not using in my game when it comes to the menu. It was a bit irritating in "The Mansion", which I recall was made in RPG Maker, and I felt like it would take away some of the atmosphere. This is something I'd like for the game I'm currently...

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4 Back to town and "victory aftermath" screen for ABS maps/rooms
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